Health Coronavirus in Argentina: we recorded 25 deaths and 2.189...

Coronavirus in Argentina: we recorded 25 deaths and 2.189 cases in 24 hours

The health portfolio he added that are 523 interned in units of intensive therapy, with a percentage occupancy of beds adults of 49,8% in the country and 55.1 per cent in the Metropolitan Area Buenos Aires (AMBA).

A 94,88% (2.077) of the new infected correspond to the City (38,92%) and the province of Buenos Aires (55,96%).

According to the report evening, there were 16 new deaths: 8 men, four residents in the province of Buenos Aires, 63, 94, 78, and 75; and four residents of the City of Buenos Aires, 92, 87, 63 and 73 years; and 8 women, a 90-year-old, resident of the province of Buenos Aires; and seven residents of the City of Buenos Aires 91, 85, 98, 82, 77, 95 and 69 years.

The morning said that 10 people were killed, 6 men, three residents in the province of Buenos Aires, 62, 86, and 62 years; one of 87 in the province of Neuquen; one of 66 years in the province of Mendoza; one 89-year-old in the province of Río Negro; and four women, three residents in the province of Buenos Aires 86, 68 and 77 years old, and one of 89 in the City of Buenos Aires.

However, the Ministry clarified that the man of 89 years died in the province of Rio Negro, associated initially Covid-19, was divorced because her death was related to another event.

Of the total diagnosed, 1.063 (1.8 per cent) are imported, 21.599 (36%) close contacts of confirmed cases, 25.600 (42.7%) of cases of circulation of community and the remainder is found in epidemiological research.

Of those diagnosed with Covid-19, were recorded in the province of Buenos Aires 1.225 cases; in the City of Buenos Aires, 852; in Chaco, 47; in Chubut, 5; in Cordoba, 5; in entre Ríos, 24; in Mendoza, 6; in Neuquén, argentina, 12; in Black River, 6; Santa Fe, 6, and Santiago del Estero, 1.

In both, there were no reported cases in Corrientes, Formosa, Jujuy, La Pampa, La Rioja, Misiones, Salta, San Juan, San Luis, Santa Cruz, Tierra del Fuego and Tucumán. Catamarca continues without registering infected with coronavirus.

The total accumulated by the district indicates that the province of Buenos Aires amount 28.986 cases; the City of Buenos Aires, 25.415; Chaco, 1,930 Applied; Chubut, 119; Cordoba 635; Current, 115; Among the Rivers, 273; Formosa, 70; Jujuy, 75, and The Pampa, 7.

La Rioja reached 76 cases; Mendoza, 167; Missions, 39; Neuquén, 443; Black River, 825; Salta, 27; John, 8; St. Louis, 11; Holy Cross, 51; Santa Fe, 417; Santiago del Estero, 23; Land of Fire, 149, and Tucumán, 72.

A case recorded in the province of Formosa was reclassified by place of residence to the province of Buenos Aires.

In addition, we include, in Tierra del Fuego, 13 cases in the Falkland Islands, according to information from the press because of the illegal occupation of the United Kingdom, Great Britain and Northern Ireland it is not possible to have your own information on the impact of the Covid-19 in that part of the argentine territory.

Report morning

According to the daily report provided by the Ministry of Health, the case fatality rate of the virus in the country is 2.1 per cent and 26.6 per people killed per million inhabitants, according to explained the authorities Carla Vizzotti, secretary of Access to Health care; Alejandro Costa, deputy secretary of Health Strategies, and Alba Wheel, deputy secretary of Diversity Policies.

Since the epidemic began have been made 336.951 test all over the country, 7.915 testing in the last 24 hours, said Coast, to give to the daily. In turn, Vizzotti said that there are 523 patients in intensive therapy and 20.134 already were given high, almost 35 percent of the total cases.

Vizzotti recalled that “Argentina is within the three American countries with lower incidence, with fewer cases in every 100 thousand inhabitants and with lower mortality, per million inhabitants, together with Paraguay and Uruguay”.

With respect to the confirmed, 1.062 (1.8 per cent) are imported, 20.807 (36%) are close contacts of confirmed cases, 24.743 (42.8 per cent) are cases of movement community and the rest are found in epidemiological research. Of the total cases (57.744), 49.4% women and 50.6% are men.

Vizzotti explained that “actions that are taken today are going to see in two weeks”as a person who becomes infected today can have an incubation period of between two and fourteen days, it is usually around seven days.”

So, assured that “the infections we prevent, today, we’re going to stop watching in intensive therapy within 14 and 20 days. This is the reason why we take measures at this moment to always be able to be timely and have a positive impact.”



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