World Coronavirus in Belgium - LATEST NEWS: 1,629 new cases,...

Coronavirus in Belgium – LATEST NEWS: 1,629 new cases, 268 new deaths

The coronavirus in Belgium and the containment decreed by the authorities continue to impact the lives of 11 million Belgians. You will find in this article all the information related to the pandemic and its repercussions on the territory.

The figures for the last 24 hours were announced this Sunday around 11 am by the FPS Public Health.

  • 1629 new cases have been reported (versus 1,351 announced on Saturday). 1,003 patients live in Flanders, 461 in Wallonia and 143 in Brussels. The total number of confirmed cases is 29647. The figures are therefore quite stable, a little too much: experts believe that the peak of the peak is a bit long. “The number of cases on our territory continues to increase“, notes the FPS Public Health.”So hold on and follow the general steps, take care of yourself and others.
  • In total, 5353 patients are still hospitalized. 392 new hospitalizations have been recorded in the past 24 hours, while 477 patients were discharged from the hospital and were declared cured.
  • In total, 1223 patients are in intensive care decrease of 39 patients in the last 24 hours.
  • 6,463 patients were discharged from hospital and declared cured since March 15, an increase of 477 in the last 24 hours.
  • A total of 3,600 deaths have been reported, an increase of 268 deaths in the last 24 hours (against 327 announced on Saturday). Of these 3,600 people who died, 54% died in hospital, 41% in a nursing home, 0% at home and 3% elsewhere.

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No exams with physical presence at ULB and ULG

The University of Liège (ULiège) and the Free University of Brussels (ULB) will not be organizing exams with physical presence this year due to the coronavirus crisis. The exams can take different forms for the 23,000 ULiège students: oral or multiple choice questions at a distance, open questions, assignments, etc. As for the ULB, which has nearly 32,000 students, “there will be no face-to-face” neither and “this concerns all faculties and all courses”. The modalities of the exams will be announced by the teachers on April 27.

Police sanction underground BBQs, as expected

Ten people were fined during a clandestine barbecue, organized Saturday evening in Bornival, in the Brabant entity of Nivelles, we learned Sunday from the mayor Pierre Huart. They took part in a barbecue on Saturday evening, a gathering which was however prohibited during this period of health crisis. “Each of the offenders should be fined 250 euros“, specifies the bourgmestre of Nivelles.

Belgians trapped in Tunisia have returned

A hundred Belgians, as well as a dozen Europeans, left Tunisia for Belgium on Saturday afternoon, welcomes in a press release the Minister of Foreign Affairs Philippe Goffin. With Saturday’s repatriation, all Belgians who wanted to return from Tunisia but who could not take the repatriation flights of March 20 are now back in the country. Minister Goffin also announces that a military plane took off on Saturday afternoon from Melsbroek for Kinshasa, and that a repatriation flight from Bogota and Santo Domingo is also being organized.

All summer festivals canceled?

Faced with the spread of the virus, the holding of summer festivals is more than threatened. They could simply be canceled, many organizers are preparing for it. The national security council which meets Wednesday could decide (to know more).

Extending containment no longer seems to be in doubt

Experts appointed by the federal government to analyze the coronavirus crisis are currently planning an extension of the containment measures. No information, however, filtered this Saturday. We should know more on Wednesday following the next meeting of the National Security Council. The extension of the confinement until May 3 seems no longer to be in doubt. (more information in this article)

Some 10,000 samples taken from nursing homes under analysis

More than 5,500 coronavirus screening tests were carried out on Friday, bringing the total since the beginning of the crisis to 102,151, said Saturday the report of the taskforce led by Minister Philippe De Backer. Some 10,000 samples collected in nursing homes are also being analyzed, said the working group.

No event in Liège until June 30

No event “small, medium or large, public or private, outdoors or indoors”, will be allowed in the district of Liège until June 30, said Saturday evening in a statement the ASBL Liège Métropole, which brings together the 24 mayors of cities and towns of the entity.

Over 800 volunteers ready to help with accommodation services in Wallonia

The Walloon Agency for a Quality Life (Aviq) listed 834 registered on its Walloon solidarity platform to support accommodation services on Saturday at 4.30 pm, she said in a press release. This represents an increase of more than 300 volunteers in 48 hours.

Doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, psychologists, educators, kitchen staff and surface technicians have in particular announced their availability to help accommodation services such as nursing homes, as well as institutions for disabled or vulnerable people, rejoices the Aviq. The platform ( brings together people offering their services and accommodation establishments that are understaffed due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Concretely, the people available enter their contact details, their availability and the structures in which they wish to work (seniors, people with disabilities or people with disabilities). Accommodation establishments have direct access to the list of registered persons and can therefore contact them according to their needs.



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