Coronavirus in Belgium: this drug dealer adapts to confinement and sells cannabis on social networks

It was a consequence of the first confinement: drug trafficking had fallen in our country. Since then, the dealers have adapted. Some are now selling via social networks. A puzzle for the police officers who must identify the salespeople who are hiding behind their screens, but without pushing them to crime themselves.

On social media, the man we met calls himself the Joker, and the cannabis he sells remotely comes in a bag that reflects the character. Highly in demand since confinement, this dealer uses the internet and a kind of very modern marketing to advertise. “It’s clearly marketing, after-sales service. The fact of improving compared to the packaging (editor’s note: the packaging), it makes the person feel more confident. People are happy, it’s a little fun side that people love and approve of“, confides the young man.

Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram: it is on these networks that these 2.0 dealers are active. On pages like this one, accessible to everyone, especially the youngest. The “Joker” guarantees us that it does not target a clientele of minors.

There are a lot of people who unfortunately lose their jobs because of the confinement, and who need to decompress. They use my services. My cannabis users are everyone. They are sick people, they are people who have a job. Sometimes they’re senior executives“, says the dealer.

A police officer cannot provoke an offense

Faced with this type of online sale, the police are working to flush out the drug dealers. But it is impossible for example to try to corner them by soliciting them on their sales page. “A police officer cannot cause an offense. A police officer cannot present himself as a potential buyer by asking for narcotics“, explains Yannick De Vlaemynck, lawyer in several narcotics cases.”It is very difficult for the police to listen to people on the internet“.

These net dealers even deliver to your home. A prized “service” as movements are reduced during a coronavirus period.

According to some studies, the consumption of narcotic nevertheless decreased during the first confinement.


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