Coronavirus in Brazil: the cases are approaching the million, and deaths exceed 47 thousand

Brazil, the second country most affected by the coronavirus in the world after the united States, about a million positive cases COVID-19 and there are doubts over when it will come to the peak of the pandemic.

The Ministry of Health reported in its latest bulletin a total of 978.142 infections and 47.748 deaths from the diseaseafter adding 22.765 infected and 1.238 who died in the last 24 hours.

According to data from the World Health organization (WHO)with 210 million inhabitants, Brazil has accumulated the highest number of infections (183.686) and dead (6.835) around the world in the past seven days.

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However, he stated that he sees a certain stabilisation of the pandemic in the country, but warned that it still it is early to say that it has reached the so-called ‘ peak of the disease, about which there are few certainties and many questions.

“This stabilization assumes that the impact remains the same. It does not mean a good news, simply that is not by increasing the speed of growth“he explained to the news agency EFE Alexandre Naime, chief of infectious diseases at the State University Paulista (Unesp).

Since the first case in Brazil, registered on February 26, the estimates around the date you will reach the peak of cases and deaths have been changing. The first forecasts were the most critical time between April and may, then delayed until may-June and is now expected to arrive between the end of this month and July, although there are also forecasts that speak of the early days of August.

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However, more and more specialists who believe that there will be no peak as such due to the fact that each one of the 27 brazilian states and live his own reality pandemic and they argue that cases and deaths will continue for a time in a horizontal line.

In the region southeast and south, temperatures for the austral winter and increasing hospitalizations for other syndromes acute respiratory. In 2019, Brazil recorded 1.122 deaths for the three types of influenza, according to official data.

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On the other hand, in the amazon region (north) has started the dry season, and with the high rates of deforestation recorded up until now is expected a large number of fires, which also affect the respiratory tract of the inhabitants of that area, in addition to serious environmental damage.

Meanwhile, the states of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, which concentrated more than 40 % of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of brazilian and are also the most affected by the virus, and continue their gradual return to normal.

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Returns the football to Rio with the controversial return of the champions League and Copa Libertadores, Flamengo, who face, without an audience, the modest Bangu for the Campeonato Carioca.

The return of the regional tournament, authorized by the Mayor’s office, occurs in the middle of growth of cases and contagion, and without consensus between the clubs.

Source: agencies.

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