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Coronavirus in Cali: What will the new model be like against the coronavirus they want to implement – Cali – Colombia

The health authorities in the capital of Valle del Cauca are looking for alternatives to prevent the health care network from becoming infarct in the face of the coronavirus emergency.

President Iván Duque delivered 100 fans on Saturday that will serve to care for critically ill patients and not reach a point where there is not a single space to preserve lives.

Meanwhile, the government of Jorge Iván Ospina is advancing its proposal to deliver 10,000 doses of ivermectin for positive and asymptomatic patients.

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The Committee of Experts on Health (Copesa), coordinated by the physician and former governor Dilian Francisca Toro, presented the recommendation for the use of this medicine in Cali and eight other municipalities.

Ivermectin has usually been known as an antiparasitic for animal use and against malaria. But in the midst of the health crisis, this medicine has taken the form of hope for in vitro studies and also for experiences that have given its results in Peru and Ecuador.

Mayor Jorge Iván Ospina says he has spoken with specialists from those countries and with the mayor of Guayaquil, Cynthia Viteri.

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In April, Ecuador was listed as one of the countries with the highest mortality in the world from the virus and reached 460 daily deaths in that city of 2.8 million inhabitants. On May 10, for the first time, no deceased was registered in Guayaquil, where the daily average fell sharply.

This is how the Guayaquil model worked

Viteri assured that he did not sit down to wait for the government to make decisions and not only with one or two medications, but he defined 51 points of care, 35 mobile clinics, hired 500 doctors to search for patients and installed 300 beds in two hospitals that they got up in a month.

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The process was based on telemedicine, televeterinary, telepsychology and teleaddictions. It defined special attention to pregnant women and a shelter for people in street conditions.

The initiative includes bringing food to around 5,000 houses a day and delivering face masks made by unemployed people, especially women.

Meanwhile, bicycle routes were promoted to decongest passengers from buses.

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Lawyer Jaime Nebot, former mayor of Guayaquil, is the leader of the Special Coronavirus Emergency Committee in a city whose model of urban renewal has been put forward as possible proposals to order Cali.

He explains that “the slogan was to prevent and cure to avoid death”, seeing that many focused on testing or buying respirators, without detracting from the importance of these two tasks.

The Committee focused on supplies for people who cannot work due to quarantine and 50,000 treatments were delivered, including imported hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. Then the raw material was searched for
elaboration in Ecuador.

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This was streamlined thanks to the committee’s specialists in pharmaceuticals, importing medicines, foreign trade, logistics, law and health, who sought the most economical, effective and easy to transport. Medicines were imported from Colombia, Panama, Paraguay and China.

Although ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (against malaria and in lupus and arthritis treatments), are essential in the treatment, Nebot notes that medicine is not delivered without a prescription, with a precise dose.

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The Guayaquil formula does not neglect personal protections and keep vulnerable populations at home.

The situation in Cali

The Mayor of Cali, Jorge Ivván Ospina, said that on Friday, July 3, the delivery of 10,000 doses of Ivermectin began, through mobile hospitals, for asymptomatic and positively diagnosed patients.

Miyerlandi Torres, secretary of Health of Cali, reported that the ICU occupation for patients with covid-19 reached 95 percent

He said that “of 397 beds available, 385 are already confirmed and suspected covid-19 patients.” The delivery of the ventilators by the President improves the percentage, but the goal of the authorities is to reduce the number of patients in critical condition.

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Torres noted that the Champagnat Clinic, the southern clinic United for Life, will have ten more fans.

The President was presented with the proposal that seeks to reduce complications to refer to intensive care. Then it became known that the Ministry of Health did not endorse the trial.

The National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (Invima) gave way to the clinical trial in Cali, but pointed out that the efficiency of Ivermectin has not been verified.




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