News Coronavirus in Cordoba | Arrested 28 people for violating...

Coronavirus in Cordoba | Arrested 28 people for violating the quarantine to mark cattle

The Police Cordoba stopped in this Saturday, 28 people by breaking the social isolationpreventive and mandatory. They were participating in a meeting in the town of La Cumbrecita.

According to informed police sources to Telamthe celebration was in the hamlet of ‘Athos Pampa’, where the authorities found and were arrested 25 adults and three minorswho had come to the place in 13 vehicles.

All were taken to the police station of Villa General Belgrano for your identification. According to confirmed The Voicenot hijacked the car.

The cause was in the hands of the Office of Instruction of the Rio Tercero, at the expense of Franco Fratari, who accused the participants of this event for this “course non-compliance of sanitary measures force and disobedience to the authority“.

The spokesmen for the police revealed that, upon arriving at the place, the attendees of the reunón is excusaron saying that they were doing a errs (marking of livestock).

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(Photo: Infographic TN Web)
(Photo: Infographic TN Web)



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