Hugo Mamaní, Tumbaya municipal commissioner, died of coronavirus. Source: File – Credit: The 24 Hours of Jujuy

SAN SALVADOR DE JUJUY.- After fighting for his life in a clinic in the capital of Jujuy, on Saturday died from coronavirus Hugo Mamaní, municipal commissioner of the town of Tumbaya. On September 3, it was confirmed that he had been infected with Covid-19, so he became the first case in that jurisdiction.

In a statement published on social networks, the news was known. “The Municipal Emergency Operational Committee [COEM] reports with deep pain the death of the municipal commissioner of Tumbaya, Mr. Hugo Nicolás Mamaní, “the letter states.

In early September, The COEM of Tumbaya made public the news of a first case of Covid-19 in the town, whose diagnosis belonged to that of the deceased commissioner. “On the day of the date, the result of the second test performed to the only suspicious case in our town, “the statement issued by the technical team announced. And he added:” It gave a positive result for Covid-19. “

Mamaní, who was 55 years old and headed the local administration since 1991, he was admitted to a clinic on August 31 due to pneumonia.

Funeral procession

Mamaní was fired on Saturday afternoon by a funeral procession of cars that went through the town of Tumbaya. The provincial vice-governor, Carlos Haquím, who in August had tested positive for Covid-19, he led a ceremony in the company of other officials and friends of the commissioner.

“I deeply regret the departure of my friend, Hugo Mamaní. His death will be an irreparable loss for his family, friends, the people of Tumbaya and for all those who knew him. Rest in peace,” wrote the provincial deputy governor in his networks.

Although Jujuy was able to stay for several months with almost no infected people and no local circulation of the virus, It was in June when contagion sources were registered that activated the sanitary protocols. After being the first province to enable domestic tourism, with the shielding of its borders, since then it had a dramatic record of cases that increased over time.

The governor, Gerardo Morales, long ago confirmed the complex situation of the province due to the lack of medical therapists to serve patients who are registered daily. Due to this, the arrival of teams, from different provinces, sent by the Ministry of Health took place.

For this reason and in order to alleviate the health crisis, Jujuy is one of the provinces that has treatment for inhaled ibuprofen and oxygen helmets, whose results so far have been satisfactory.

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