News Coronavirus in Mexico. The coronavirus deputy was told it...

Coronavirus in Mexico. The coronavirus deputy was told it was influenza

The federal deputy of Movimiento Ciudadano, Jorge Alcibíades García Lara, first legislator in Mexico with coronavirus, narrated his experience since last Monday, March 23 when he arrived from his native Baja California and that he was only diagnosed influenza instead of Covid- 19 in the Adolfo López Mateos Hospital of ISSSTE.

In a video that was uploaded to his Facebook page last Monday, the MC legislator described that he arrived in Mexico City with a temperature and a very severe headache, and very early Tuesday he went to the López Mateos Hospital where he was they diagnosed influenza. And it was until this Wednesday where it was confirmed that it was actually Covid-19.

In the video of approximately 2 minutes, Jorge Alcibíades reported that he was very apanized, annoyed, worried, frustrated, angry and impotent because there is no response from the Federal government to this contingency and he has not been consistent with the commitment he must have with Mexicans.

He reported that he spent three hours in the hospital, and in parallel, three other suspected cases of coronavirus arrived, but the hospital does not have a single test to diagnose nor does it have protocols for the treatment of patients who could be infected, in addition to There are not enough masks for hospital staff.

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In his video, the legislator assured that there are many more cases with Covid-19 in Mexico than those that the government has released, since he questioned how it is possible to determine a certain number of infected, if not enough tests are done to tell the real figures. .

“It is a truly serious matter, friends, and I just want to tell you something: that there are many more cases of Covid-19, because how can we say that there are 90 or 100 cases when we do not have sufficient evidence, or in fact there is no evidence to say how many cases of Covid-19 there are, ”he said.

In his message, the legislator said, visibly upset, that the Federal government “is worth a cucumber to what happens to Mexicans” and asked them to take care, isolate themselves and take the necessary measures.

“I lived the case yesterday in three hours at the López Mateos Hospital here in Mexico City and I want to tell you that what is happening is very worrying, please I ask you to take care of yourselves, I ask you to isolate yourselves to the extent of its possibilities, we must take measures as civil society since the Federal government is worth a cucumber what happens to Mexicans, “he explained.

It was not until this Wednesday night, when in a statement the bench of Movimiento Ciudadano in San Lázaro, confirmed that Jorge Alcibíades García Lara was the first federal deputy to test positive and asked the workers of the Chamber of Deputies to take the necessary measures they were close to the legislator.



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