Coronavirus in Misiones: they confirmed another 5 cases and the province passed 200 infected

The epidemiological report issued by the Government of Misiones this Saturday, October 17, confirmed 5 new cases of coronavirus in the province. In this way, the total balance of infected since the beginning of the pandemic reaches 202.

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In addition, the authorities reported that the cases were detected, Posadas, Puerto Iguazú, Puerto Libertad, Garupá Y Puerto Rico.

On the other hand, of the 202 infected, only 59 still have the disease. 6 of them under hospital admission and the rest from their homes since they present a mild or asymptomatic picture.

1/5 – Male patient 38 years old. Epidemiological Link Established. Puerto Libertad.

2/5 – Female patient 37 years old. Epidemiological Link Established. Posadas.

3/5 – Male patient 22 years old. Epidemiological Link Established. Puerto Rico.

4/5 – Female patient 70 years old. Epidemiological Nexus Established. Garupá.

5/5 – 63 year old female patient. Epidemiological Link Established. Puerto Iguazú.

Recovered: 9

• 145 – 42-year-old female patient. Puerto Iguazú.
• 146 – 21-year-old female patient. Puerto Iguazú.
• 150- 38 year old female patient .. Posadas.
• 151- 55-year-old female patient .. Puerto Iguazú.
• 152-28-year-old female patient. Saint Peter.
• 154-Male patient 58 years old. Posadas.
• 155-27-year-old male patient. Posadas.
• 156- 62-year-old female patient. Posadas.
• 157- Male patient 61 years old. Posadas.


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