Coronavirus in Peru | # We are not accomplices: Government launches these videos to prevent contagion of COVID-19 among friends and family

The Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM) begins today a communication campaign “COVID does not kill alone. Let’s not be accomplices ”, that seeks to generate an impact on citizens through hard and direct messages, in order to achieve a change in behavior in the population and prevent them from becoming vehicles that spread the new coronavirus.

In a context in which the fight against the pandemic requires that the population reinforce self-protective behaviors against the virus, the campaign appeals to social pressure from family, friends and the general public to motivate reflection in citizens who maintain irresponsible behavior and that they can become accomplices of COVID-19.

Likewise, it recognizes the discipline of those who, having the need to go out to work, do so by complying with the measures of distancing and cleaning to return to their homes healthy, and are exposed by those who do not heed the recommendations of the authorities.

“COVID does not kill alone. Let’s not be accomplices “ It is a 360 ° campaign that incorporates advertising on television, radio, public roads, social networks, activations, urban interventions, among other forms of communication, which makes it the most aggressive campaign that the Government has carried out at this juncture. In addition, it will incorporate regional and local governments, various actors from civil society and private companies, with whom meetings have been held.

This campaign represents the first stage of three, which has been envisaged by the Social Communication Secretariat of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, as a great medium and long-term communication strategy at this juncture.

“COVID does not kill alone. Let’s not be accomplices”Is the third campaign promoted by the PCM since the beginning of the pandemic and seeks to engage the State, institutions, the media and citizens in the dissemination of its messages for the health of Peruvians.

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