News Coronavirus in Poland and in the world. Report...

Coronavirus in Poland and in the world. Report of the Day – Saturday, September 5th

On Saturday, laboratory tests confirmed coronavirus infection in 567 people. The leader was Małopolska with almost twice as many cases as the second Mazovia. The coronavirus was detected on a train on the popular Warsaw-Lublin route. Sanepid is looking for travelers. Read Coronavirus – Report of the Day.

We summarize the most important information of the day related to the pandemic and its consequences.

Over 70,000 infected in Poland

  • We have 567 new and confirmed cases of the coronavirus, informed the Ministry of Health;
  • The number of infected in Poland increased to 70 thousand. 387 people;
  • The ministry informed about the death of another 13 patients;
  • To date, 2,113 people have died from Covid-19;
  • The greatest number of infections is found in the following voivodships: Małopolskie (120), Mazowieckie (68) and Wielkopolskie (59);
  • 2,526 convalescents arrived during the day;
  • In total, 52,346 patients infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus have already recovered;
  • Sanitary and epidemiological supervision covers 7,090 people, and quarantine – 71,452 people;
  • There are 2090 people in hospitals, 77 are under a ventilator.

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Coronavirus on the Warsaw-Lublin train

  • Lublin Sanitary Inspectorate is looking for passengers on the Warsaw-Lublin train;
  • One person was confirmed to be infected with SARS-CoV-2;
  • It is about the trip on Thursday 27 August;
  • Sanepid also asks the passengers of the bus, which left Lublin to Gdańsk on August 30, to report;

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Doctors will order tests via the app

  • Primary care physicians can already order coronavirus tests through the app;
  • It’s about the office office., the same through which they issue e-prescriptions on a daily basis;
  • After the health ministry has involved family doctors more closely in the fight against covid-19, they are concerned about their and their patients’ safety;
  • On Monday, the College of Family Physicians in Poland will meet with the Minister of Health on this matter.

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  • Vitamin D deficiency in the body increases the risk of coronavirus infection by 77%. – say doctors from the international research team;
  • Researchers at the University of Chicago conducted tests on a group of nearly 500 people;
  • the data of 489 patients who had their vitamin D levels checked in the last year before the coronavirus test was included;
  • About 25 percent patients were found to be deficient in this vitamin, in turn 59%. the tests showed the correct level;
  • It turned out that the tests showed the presence of the coronavirus in 22 percent. patients with vitamin D deficiency. In the case of people with “normal” results, the percentage was 12 percent.
  • This means that the probability of contracting the coronavirus in the case of a deficiency of this compound has almost doubled.
  • Vitamin D sources include sea ​​fish, eggs, dairy products. To take care of the proper level of vitamin in the body, it is recommended to walk in the afternoon and play sports.
  • The most common symptoms of vitamin D deficiency are bone or muscle pain, fatigue, insomnia and diarrhea.

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Photo of the Day: Teachers, parents, and children gathered outside the home of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. They are demanding a tightening of security procedures at schools that are to open soon in the city.



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