Coronavirus in Santiago: 2 deaths and 212 positive cases were registered

This was reported by the Ministry of Health of the Province.

DAILY REPORT 11/21/2020 9:30 PM

On November 21 in the Province of Santiago del Estero:

One hundred twenty-four (124) confirmed cases were recovered today, so there are seven thousand seven hundred ten (7,710) cases recovered in the province

The death of two people who died from COVID was notified today. A 66-year-old woman with grade 3 obesity who was admitted to a La Banda sanatorium and a 41-year-old woman with a history of breast cancer and pulmonary fibrosis who was admitted to the Independencia hospital.

There are a total of one hundred and sixty-three (163) positive deceased persons in the province.

A total of six hundred and fifty-five (655) samples were processed today.

Two hundred twelve (212) positive cases were confirmed today. Santiago- La Banda (142) and interior of the province (70) distributed as follows: Añatuya 2; Beltran 1; Clodomira 3; Simbolar Station 7; Fernandez 16; Forres 3; Cold 7; Loreto 6; The Juríes 5; It will kill 4; New Hope 9; Sumampa 3; Suncho Corral 3; Villa Mailín 1.

Six thousand six hundred ten (6,610) cases remain active in the province.

The total accumulated cases is fourteen thousand four hundred eighty-three (14,483)

Four hundred forty-three (443) cases were discarded today, so there are forty-seven thousand three hundred thirty-one (47,331) cases discarded to date.


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