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British supermarkets Ocado y Sainsbury have announced on their web pages that schedules for home deliveries of products are running out fast, which would increase the fear of the return of the massive purchases by panic before a possible new confinement in Great Britain.

In the web spaces you can find notices like: “Delivery times are filling up faster than usual. If you don’t get a space now, use the button for the next three days ”.

This alleged massive purchase by citizens is taking place before scientific warnings to President Boris Johnson that the current situation has no other solution beyond a new confinement.

The supermarkets, which are giving priority to the most vulnerable groups, they work to expand their services. However, in supermarkets like Tesco everything was reserved until Wednesday.

Johnson has recently warned the public that the measures will have to be hardened as a consequence of the social attitudes that are taking place.

We want to keep all economic sectors open as much as possible, but we will have to assess the actions to be carried out as new information on contagion data is produced “, declared the president.

Neil Ferguson, epidemiologist at Imperial College Longres, believes that the levels currently achieved in the country “are similar to those of the end of February”Therefore, new and forceful measures would be necessary “to avoid reaching the levels of mid-March.”

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