Coronavirus in the world. Hungary, USA, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, England, Slovakia – restrictions for the unvaccinated

Other countries introduce restrictions for the unvaccinated and require vaccination for some professions. In Slovakia, from Monday, employers will check the covid certificates of all employees. This obligation exists in Italy since October. The US president wants to introduce similar regulations from the new year, but they have already been challenged in more than 25 states.


In Hungary, from November 2, private employers have the right to oblige employees to vaccinate against COVID-19. In state institutions, such vaccination is expected, and in local governments the decision on this matter is made by mayors. If the employee does not get vaccinated within the time limit set by the employer or does not provide a medical justification, he may be referred to unpaid leave. The new regulations provide that the employer may also dismiss an employee if one year of such leave has elapsed.

From the beginning of next week in Slovakia, where 46.5 percent are vaccinated. citizens, only people who are vaccinated, have had COVID-19 disease or have a negative test result will be able to work. It will be possible to send an employee who does not meet these conditions on vacation or arrange for him to work from home. The rule formally applies to poviats with a high level of epidemic risk, but at present there are no poviats that would be considered safe areas. The decisions taken are to help stabilize the critical situation in hospitals. The number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients is approaching 3,000, and 80 percent. of them are not vaccinated.


Similarly, in Saxony, Germany, the 3G rule applies to workplaces, i.e. vaccinated, convalescent and people with a negative COVID-19 test. From November 26, the Länder will decide on their own to introduce measures to counter the pandemic, mainly because the hospitalization rate varies significantly between Länder.



The strictest COVID-19 regulations in Europe are in force in Italy. The sanitary pass from October 15th applies to all workplaces, as well as to many public facilities. The employee cannot enter the workplace without the so-called Green Pass, issued on the basis of vaccination, cure or test from the last 48 hours. There is a fine of 600 to 1500 euros for entering the work site without a pass. The employer may be fined from 400 to 1000 euros for not checking the certificate.

Italy is also the first country in Europe to introduce mandatory vaccination for healthcare workers. The authorities are considering extending the vaccination obligation to professionals who come into contact with large numbers of people, such as law enforcement officials and employees of large stores.


The White House announced in early November details of a regulation requiring employers – employing more than 100 people – to ensure that all workers are vaccinated against COVID-19 or undergo at least weekly coronavirus testing. According to the White House, these regulations will apply to 84 million Americans and are to enter into force on January 4, 2022. Companies that do not comply with these rules will be fined PLN 14,000. dollars for each non-compliance, but the penalty may be greater in cases where companies intentionally fail to comply with the law. Additionally, immunization obligations have been introduced for health care workers in facilities that provide services under the state’s Medicare and Medicaid health insurance programs for seniors and the poorest. It is about over 76 thousand. branches and 17 million employees. According to estimates, about 2.4 million of them are still unvaccinated.

The new regulations have been contested by many political and private entities, and commentators predict that the case may end in the Supreme Court. Earlier, President Joe Biden issued a decree mandating the vaccination of federal workers – by November 22, approximately one million people are expected to receive the vaccine.


In Bulgaria, all restaurants, shopping centers, sports halls and cinemas, whose staff and customers are not sanitary certified, are closed almost all of November. New restrictions have been introduced in connection with the development of the COVID-19 epidemic. The country had the highest number of deaths since the start of the pandemic earlier this month, with a record number of new infections almost every day.


In England, it has been announced that from April 2022 all public health workers who come into direct contact with patients will have to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

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