Coronavirus – infection rate increased again to over 1.0! – News

The R gives us cause for concern again!

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the infection rate with coronavirus in Germany has risen again above the critical mark 1.

The so-called reproduction number with data 9 May at 0 o’clock is 1.10, as the RKI writes in a situation report published on Saturday evening.

On Wednesday, the RKI had given the value at 0.65. Since then, the number of reproductions has risen steadily.

However, the institute continued to report: Due to the statistical fluctuations, which would be reinforced by the overall lower numbers, it cannot yet be assessed whether the trend of new infections, which has been falling over the past few weeks, has continued – or whether the number of cases has increased again. “The increase in the estimated R-value makes it necessary to watch the development very carefully over the next few days,” writes the RKI.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the RKI informed about the latest developments in the corona crisis on a daily basis. At the beginning of April, the institute reduced to two press conferences a week. It was only on Thursday that RKI Vice-President Lars Schaade announced that there would be no regular press conferences from next week.

The announcement sounded like a positive sign, could almost be understood as an all-clear. But there can be no question of this with the current R number.


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