Coronavirus, infections over a thousand, but is it as before?

The second wave? Not said that it arrives and in any case we can avoid it. Now we have all the tools, think about numbers without alarmism Ranieri Guerra, Deputy Director of the World Health Organization.

The cases increase, we are again over a thousand. the premise to the second wave?
It cannot be predicted. We are seeing two phenomena that may not be related. The increase in positive subjects due to the ability to make one better diagnostics and the increased use of tampons as well as obviously the undeniable increase in infections. But the possibility that this situation translates into clinical cases, that is, patients in need of treatment, a different discourse related to how much the elderly protect themselves individually and within the health residences, if hospitalized.

If we were able to effectively defend the fragile population, would the second wave therefore remain a distant hypothesis?
The protection of the fragile is very important. In other words. The increase in infections was expected, that of serious patients can instead be prevented because we have learned to do so unfortunately after going through a painful experience.

Almost a third of the new positives are asymptomatic. reassuring?
I would not say. We are not sure that even a very light symptomatology today cannot translate into visible damage to health in the medium to long term. Better not to get the virus because there are beginning to be solid evidence of problems even in patients with very few symptoms. A cold, trivial symptoms that go unnoticed. Without wishing to be alarmist, there is evidence that afterwards there can be serious consequences. true, few boys end up in intensive care but they don’t have to feel invincible. The virus can hurt at a later stage

What other negative role do the asymptomatic?
They carry the infection around unknowingly.

Is the epidemic recovering in Italy?
Diffusion is increasing, in line with the reopening and intensification of contacts. One account for a wave caused by the rise in infections, another by serious patients.

What awaits us in the coming months?
We run a permanent risk that we must carefully prevent. With schools there will be a new increase in cases, inevitable, impossible to avoid physical contact between students. There remain a series of unknowns that are still unsolved internationally. How contagious are young people? We do not know. Up to 10-11 years they seem to have a lower transmission capacity. Above 12 it seems that they have a contagiousness similar to that of adults. We will discuss this on August 31 at a WHO conference. Here’s why there is an absolute need to use masks in middle and high schools, they are indispensable devices.

And in elementary school?
I’m very recommendable but it depends on the context. It would be better to have them but if you have difficulty wearing them due to some health problem, you cannot ignore the strict distancing between the counters.

The operational guidelines just published by the Higher Institute of Health are not enough to guarantee safety?
Those directions are very appropriate if followed to the letter.

Intensive care is almost empty, deaths are decreasing. Could it always be like this?
I hope so and possible that it will happen. Healthcare workers are very well prepared, hospitalizations in resuscitation are much shorter in duration. We can do it.

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