Health Coronavirus is especially spreading in secondary schools | ...

Coronavirus is especially spreading in secondary schools | Inland

For example, no fewer than fifteen schools in Amsterdam have had to deal with corona. The nearby Hoofddorp has also been hit hard with six schools. There are two schools in nearby Amstelveen. Corona infections have also been detected at schools in Badhoevedorp, Krommenie and Zaandam. In total, there are more than thirty schools in the Amsterdam region.

Tip of the iceberg

According to the Schools Reporting Point, three out of four reports concern secondary schools. The virus seems to flare up faster there than in primary schools. “The schools have a duty to report a corona case to the local GGD. But because those figures are not public, it is guesswork exactly how many schools have had to deal with the virus, ”said a spokesman for the reporting platform. “We probably have the tip of the iceberg in view.”

Other municipalities where schools have been affected by the virus are Groningen, Heerlen and Zoetermeer (all five). De Bilt was also hit hard with four schools. There, one in five schools has had to deal with the virus. “It is becoming increasingly clear to us that there are indeed corona risks in schools. We are also getting more signals that parents are keeping their children at home as a precaution, ”said the spokesman.

Not under control

What also worries the reporting center is that not only is the number of infected schools increasing rapidly, but that contamination clusters already present are expanding at lightning speed. According to the platform, schools do not always get corona under control.

The corona virus has been causing chaos in schools for some time. Teachers who want to be tested with a tickle in the throat on Monday, sometimes have to wait four days before they can go somewhere for a corona test. As a result, a school leader sometimes loses the teacher an entire school week. Because it is almost impossible to find a replacement, children are increasingly sent home.

Priority testing

To prevent this, Minister De Jonge (Public Health, Welfare and Sport) announced last week that teaching staff will have priority when testing for the corona virus. This must be arranged from Monday, September 21.


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