Gimbe, more than 140% infections in the last month

New coronavirus infections in Italy have increased by over 140% in the last month. The Gimbe Foundation notes this by comparing the 3,399 new cases detected from 12 to 18 August with the 1,408 of the week between 15 and 21 July. “The progressive increase in new cases is confirmed, whether they are indigenous, imported (foreign) or from the return of Italians who went on holiday abroad”, notes the president of the Foundation, Nino Cartabellotta in a note. “The rise in the contagion curve – he specifies – raises many concerns both because the increase begins to progressively reflect on the increase in hospitalizations, and because only in the last two days, however not included in our weekly analysis, almost 1,500 new cases “.

According to Cartabellotta “if on the one hand we must avoid unnecessary alarmism, on the other it is not permissible to underestimate the constant increase in new cases, also in view of crucial events for the country, such as the reopening of schools and universities and electoral consultations”.

In general, the analysis of the Gimbe Foundation indicates that from 12 to 18 August the cases increased by 20.6% compared to the previous week, going from 3,399 to 2,818 (581 more), compared to a slight increase in the cases tested ( 180,300 from 174,671). In the same period there were 42 more hospitalized patients (from 801 to 843) and 9 more intensive care hospitalizations (from 49 to 58). “After 4 weeks of constant growth – continues Cartabellotta – we are faced with signs that invite us to keep our attention very high on the progress of the epidemic in our country”. The analysis also indicates “that in six regions and in the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano“ there was an overall reduction of 180 new cases compared to the previous week ”; in 13 regions there is an increase in new cases for a total of 761, from 169 in Lazio to 8 in Sardinia. “As an indicator of the spread of the infection, we reassessed the geographical distribution of the 15,089 active cases as of August 18, an overall increase of 1,528 units (+ 11.3%) compared to the previous week”, explains Cartabellotta. Thus it emerged that Lombardy, although in relative (-3.6%) and absolute (-200) decline compared to 11 August, accounts for 35.2% of cases (5,314); a further 51.5% is distributed between Emilia-Romagna (1,789), Veneto (1,688), Lazio (1,359), Piedmont (897), Sicily (722), Tuscany (718) and Campania (596); the remaining 2,006 cases (13.3%) occurred in the remaining 11 regions and in the 2 autonomous provinces, from 8 in Valle d’Aosta to 340 in Puglia.

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