World Coronavirus. Luis Majul: "Are we going to be the...

Coronavirus. Luis Majul: “Are we going to be the world champions of the quarantine?”

Luis Majul: Are we going to be the world champions of the quarantine?


Here are its main concepts:

  • We will be

    the world champions of quarantine?

     Are we going to be the ones with the longest isolation measures on the planet? If, indeed, it is confirmed that it continues until June 8, we could say yes.

  • Until now, the first place is held by the inhabitants of Wuhan, the Chinese city where it originated

    the pandemic.

     Its authorities lifted the restrictions on April 8, 76 days after it was put in place. If Alberto Fernández announces that the isolation will continue tomorrow or Saturday, we will have completed 80 days by Monday, June 8. That is, almost three months locked up, and with very serious emotional consequences. That yes: we will appear in the Guinness book of world records.

  • Italy, after the enormous number of cases and deaths, lifted the containment measures on May 4, after 56 days. For their part, the Spanish, depending on the area, the provinces and the activities, are reopening the lock, after 68 days of confinement. And in France they were released from confinement on May 10, after 55 days of rigid confinement.
  • In cordoba,

    a doctor

     summed up in a couple of minutes the tension between quarantine, health, the economy and politics: “No politician wants to charge the dead for the

    Covid-19 “.

  • The question we have to ask ourselves – without being accused of being murderers – is what it would do to extend the quarantine so far. It is a simple and common sense question. It does not mean being on the side of death, as Maximo Kirchner said last week in a dangerous speech, which I still cannot get out of my head.
  • The question that the authorities will have to answer when this is over is if they are going to take charge, for example, of the 9 thousand “extra deaths” that experts calculate that they will occur due to the less attention given to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular conditions. Diseases continue to exist; did not disappear at the irruption of the


  • According to the Cardiovascular Institute of Buenos Aires, the leading causes of mortality in Argentina are cardiovascular and cerebrovascular conditions. In 2018 there were 95,000 deaths, and from April to October of this year there could be 9,000 more deaths; which is equivalent to almost 10% more. Why? Because consultations are not done on time.
  • Since the quarantine began, there was a decrease of 20% in emergency care for strokes and 70 percent for episodes of transient ischemic attacks, perceived as the mildest. Do you know why thousands of people did not go to the consultation? Because they were or are still afraid of getting coronavirus. But that is not all.
  • In the same period, 6 out of 10 people with a heart attack stayed at home, and that is very dangerous. One in two untreated people with heart problems is known to die. It is also known that those who survive will suffer from heart failure, arrhythmia and a poor quality of life.
  • The low mortality rate that the coronavirus has had so far compared to other pathologies is notable. Let’s analyze other data:

– Almost 32 thousand people die each year in Argentina from pneumonia and influenza.

– The risk groups are older adults and those with previous illnesses.

– The preventive measures are similar to those that should be taken with the Covid-19: wash your hands, sneeze with the crease of the arm, use alcohol gel and get vaccinated.

– The mortality rate of these diseases is 0.5 percent.

– Of the almost 32 thousand people who died of influenza or pneumonia in 2018, more than 13 thousand were 85 years old. This represents more than 41% of deaths and constitutes the second cause of death in this age group.

  • And now let’s talk about the real economy again. It was confirmed that the fall in the national economy for the month of March, which included only 10 days of quarantine, reached 11.5%. What’s more, economists estimate that the drop in April could exceed 20%. With these data, is it worth to continue being the world champions of endless quarantine?
  • In the last days, President Alberto Fernández, Governor Axel Kicillof and other leaders of the ruling party installed the idea that cheap and cheap politics cannot be done around the pandemic.
  • However, it would be valid and legitimate to ask:

    Is the ruling party not doing politics

      also with the decision to pose an endless quarantine? If fear of infection is the only thing driving decisions, but at the same time the death rate doesn’t seem that high, shouldn’t you start counting the losses and deaths caused by endless confinement?

  • Argentines have already understood by heart that politics is also the art of blaming the other for the mistakes one made. Who will the government plan to hold responsible for each point of GDP lost due to quarantine? Or will you turn the equation and stop paying attention to that statistic to put up there, every day, the number of lives that were saved?
  • In the Government they are playing with fire. Let us hope that we who live inside this beloved country do not end up burned or scorched.

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