Health Coronavirus News current: Virologist safe - deaths in Germany...

Coronavirus News current: Virologist safe – deaths in Germany will increase


In the time of Corona, doctors, medical professionals and virologists are currently among our most important weapons in the fight against Covid-19. Every day they answer us new questions about the Corona virus. But the answers are not always positive. In an interview with “Bild”, the virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit now explained why the death rate in Germany will continue to rise despite numerous measures.

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Coronavirus virologist sure: death rate in Germany will increase

A total of 84 people died in Germany virus to the victim. (As of March 22, 2020) According to the experts, the death rate in Germany of over 22,000 people is currently around 0.3 percent. In international comparison, this is very small, but the expert warns against an early all-clear: “In countries where the health system is dramatically overloaded, such as in Italy, there are much higher death rates. In addition, the vast majority of those infected so far are among us 60 years old. As soon as that changes, unfortunately the death rate will increase. “

So far, doctors have assumed that the rate – should the hospitals not be overburdened – will approach almost one percent.

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Corona experts warn: More and more young patients in clinics

The experts also explicitly point out that the virus can also be a deadly danger for younger people. A recent case in Poland made it clear that the corona virus can also kill young people. A 27-year-old woman died there as a result of Covid-19. And also in Germany there are more and more cases in which young infected people have to be treated in the hospital. According to Clemens Wendtner (54), chief physician of infectiology at the Schwabing clinic in Munich, the youngest corona patients in his clinic are in their early twenties. “Overall, we see the entire demographic age spectrum, regardless of whether it is in a normal or intensive care unit.” Picture “the medic.

Fighting Covid-19: Medical officials believe containment measures are likely until 2021

To prevent further spread of the corona virus, the drastic corona measures could continue for a few months. At least that is what the German Society for Epidemiology (DGEpi) expects, they are experts in calculating how infectious diseases spread. Without such measures, the virus would otherwise infect 50 to 70 percent of the population by summer. Epidemiologists from the University of Basel even went one step further. According to her investigations, the containment measures would probably have to apply until 2021 to avoid further infections.

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