Coronavirus News up to date: great danger! Does Covid-19 increase the risk of stroke in younger people?

Doctors have more strokes in younger Covid 19 patients. (Symbolic photo)
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Researchers around the world are investigating this Corona virus meticulously. More and more recent results paint a picture of the possible effects of the Sars CoV-2 pathogen on human health. It is now known that other organs such as the brain can be damaged in addition to the lungs.

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US doctors are shocked! Younger coronavirus infections are more likely to have strokes

Chinese researchers have already reported in a study that coronaviruses can affect the brain. Finally, what could explain the silent death of many patients with mild symptoms from cessation of breath. To do this, however, further studies must be carried out.

In New York, one of the cities most affected by the coronavirus, medical professionals have now discovered something incredible. More and more infected people in their mid-30s and mid-40s were hospitalized after one stroke admitted. Since the beginning of the corona crisis, the number of patients with aneurysms (sacking on an artery) at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan has doubled. Most people did not belong to the risk group. Generally, the average age of stroke is around 74 years.

The same cases have already been seen in other hospitals. “We also looked after Covid patients in their 30s who had a stroke and it was very surprising,” said Robert Stevens, a doctor at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore in the Washington Post.

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Is there a link between Covid-19 and cerebral infarction?

Researchers therefore see a connection between Covid-19 and severe strokes. The experts think that the Sars-CoV-2 virus is likely to interfere with blood clotting, which can lead to blood clots. These eventually trigger a brain infarction. Other scientists wonder why the lungs of younger patients are resistant to the pathogen, but attack the brain instead. So far, there is no reliable knowledge from long-term studies. Nevertheless, three large US clinics want to publish their data on the cases.

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