Coronavirus | On April 15 comes the vaccine that will change everything: “It will give cruising speed”

After vaccinations Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca, this April will be a turning point in vaccination in Spain. The vaccine Janssen, manufactured by Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals, arrives next April 15 and with it the hopes of fulfilling the objective reiterated by active and passive: vaccinate 70% of the population Spanish during the summer.

A vaccine, as the Minister of Health Carolina Darias, call to “mark a before and after” in the mass vaccination program against the coronavirus. And it is that this serum, unlike the rest of the approved by both the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and other international organizations, has the advantage of having a single dose to grant immunity.

This fact will be an important advance that makes this vaccine “much more attractive for speed up the vaccination process, reach cruising speed and try to reach the end of the summer with a percentage of population sufficiently immunized“, he assures COPE virologist José Antonio López, professor of Molecular Microbiology at the Autonomous University. His arrival also covers the space there was for the people between 66 and 79 years old, that he could not receive the AstraZeneca vaccine and that he was awaiting vaccination of people older with Pfizer and BioNTech.

The doses that will arrive

The agreement reached between the European Union and Johnson & Johnson establish that member countries will receive a total of 200 million, with the possibility of receiving the same amount later. For Spain, the arrival of 5.5 million doses is expected in the second quarter of the year to a total of 17,598,400 doses before the last quarter of the year, according to the last Health report, which already includes (without doses yet, although Pedro Sánchez advanced that it would be 48 million), the Curevac.

His arrival date is next April 15, Thursday of next week, when 300,000 doses are expected. During today’s session, representatives of Janssen have committed to send a total of two million doses of its vaccine to the Valencian Community between the months of April and September. An agreement that the president, Ximo Puig, has valued “very positively.

Vaccine technology

The Janssen vaccine has a 67% effective in preventing the onset of moderate to severe COVID for at least 14 days following vaccination, and 66% to prevent disease moderate to severe within 28 days.

Unlike Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, this is more similar “methodologically, structurally and conceptually” to those of AstraZeneca and Sputnik V, says José Antonio López. This serum works by preparing our body to defend itself against the virus. It is composed of a adenovirus modified with the gene to make the coronavirus spike protein, with which it enters the cells of the body.

What this adenovirus does is transmit the SARS-CoV-2 gene to the cells of the vaccinated person. In this way the cells use the gene to produce the spike protein. The immune system recognizes the foreign agent and produces antibodies and activates T lymphocytes to attack her. If the person later comes into contact with COVID, the immune system recognizes the spike protein of the virus and is ready to defend itself.

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