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Coronavirus: one in five Stockholm residents has developed antibodies, more than 100 positive cases in a Breton slaughterhouse

The pandemic of the new coronavirus has killed at least 325,232 people worldwide since its appearance in December in China, according to a report established by AFP from official sources Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. HB.

More than 4,943,050 cases of infection have been officially diagnosed in 196 countries and territories since the start of the epidemic. This number of diagnosed cases, however, only reflects a fraction of the actual number of infections, with a large number of countries only testing cases requiring hospital care. Among these cases, at least 1,827,200 are now considered cured.

Since the count carried out the day before at 9:00 p.m. HB, 4,951 new deaths and 94,820 new cases have been recorded worldwide. The countries with the most new deaths are the United States with 1,404 new deaths, Brazil (1,179) and the United Kingdom (363).

The United States, which recorded its first death linked to the coronavirus in early February, is the country most affected in terms of number of deaths and cases, with 92,583 deaths for 1,539,633 cases. At least 289,392 people were declared cured.

After the United States, the most affected countries are the United Kingdom with 35,704 deaths for 248,293 cases, Italy with 32,330 deaths (227,364 cases), France with 28,132 deaths (181,575 cases), and Spain with 27,888 dead (232,555 cases).

Among the countries hardest hit, Belgium is the one that deplores the highest number of deaths compared to its population, with 79 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Spain (60), Italy (53), the United Kingdom (53), and France (43).

China (excluding the territories of Hong Kong and Macao), where the epidemic began at the end of December, officially counted a total of 82,965 cases (5 new between Tuesday and Wednesday), including 4,634 deaths (0 new), and 78,244 cures.

Europe totaled Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. HB 169,674 deaths for 1,944,258 cases, the United States and Canada 98,674 deaths (1,619,714 cases), Latin America and the Caribbean 32,422 deaths (583,045 cases), Asia 12,941 deaths (387,127 cases), the Middle East 8,420 deaths (306,715 cases), Africa 2,973 deaths (93,772 cases), and Oceania 128 deaths (8,426 cases).

This assessment was carried out using data collected by AFP offices from the competent national authorities and information from the World Health Organization (WHO). Due to corrections by the authorities or late publication of the data, the 24h increase figures may not correspond exactly to those published the previous day.


Over 100 positive cases in a Breton slaughterhouse

More than 100 people tested positive for Covid-19 in a slaughterhouse in Côtes-d’Armor after a second screening campaign, announced Wednesday evening the Regional Health Agency (ARS).

“The screening campaign carried out on 818 staff on Tuesday revealed 44 additional positive cases, bringing the total number of confirmed cases within the company to 109,” the ARS said in a statement.

A first screening operation was carried out on Friday with 209 employees of this Kermené company.

“As expected, the incidence rate (for this second campaign, note) is lower than that observed during the first operation which concerned the more immediate working environment of the first contact cases identified in the company (5 % of positive cases on the staff tested on May 19 against 30% of positive cases on the people tested on May 15) “, continues the press release.

People diagnosed with covid-19 are contacted by health insurance, which identifies all of their at-risk contacts “in order to apply the fortnight device for these people, as well as the prescription of a virological test and health masks” , says the press release.

According to the company’s website, “Kermené supplies all E.Leclerc stores with butchery, delicatessen and catering products, intended for both traditional shelves, fresh packaged and self-service”.

One in five Stockholm residents have developed antibodies to the coronavirus

Sweden, which stands out for its more flexible and controversial approach to the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, estimated on Wednesday that more than one in five Stockholm residents may have developed antibodies to the virus. Asked about a study by the Swedish Public Health Agency, chief epidemiologist Anders Tegnell said he thought that as of Wednesday “just over 20%” of Stockholm residents had probably contracted Covid -19.

The current study showed that 7.3% of a random sample of people in the Swedish capital – the most affected region in the country – had developed antibodies when tested during the last week of April.

“The figures reflect the situation of the epidemic at the beginning of April because it takes a few weeks before the immune system develops antibodies,” said in a statement the Swedish agency which analyzed more than 1,100 tests.

Elsewhere in the country, the number of people who developed antibodies was much lower, with only 4.2% in the far south and 3.7% in the region around Gothenburg (southwest). The results showed that the spread of the virus was greater in people aged 20 to 64 than in those over 65, with 6.7% and 2.7% respectively having developed antibodies. Tegnell said it was “a sign that this group is isolating and protecting themselves quite well”.

On the side of young people aged 19 and under, around 4.7% have developed antibodies which, according to Tegnell, shows “what we have always said, namely that it is not in this group that we see significant spread “of the virus.

In contrast to the often strict confinement measures of the rest of Europe, Sweden, never confined, kept schools, cafes, bars and restaurants open, asking everyone to respect the recommendations for social distancing and “take their responsibilities “.

This approach has drawn criticism, both inside and outside the country, at a time when the death toll has far exceeded that of its northern neighbors, all of whom have imposed restrictive measures.

If the link between the development of antibodies and a certain immunity to the virus is not yet established, the development of antibodies should in theory help to reduce the spread of the virus.

On Wednesday, Sweden deplores a total of 31,523 cases of new coronavirus for 3,831 deaths.

Spain: state of alert extended until June 6

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez obtained a two-week extension of the state of alert on Wednesday against the backdrop of mounting parliamentary opposition and protests against his government. The Chamber of Deputies approved the extension of this exceptional measure, which expired on Saturday, until June 6 inclusive by a majority of 177 votes, 162 votes against and 11 abstentions.

Chile crosses the bar of 50,000 contaminations

Chile has experienced a new record of contaminations and deaths at Covid-19 in 24 hours, crossing the bar of 50,000 contaminations including 544 deaths, announced Wednesday the Ministry of Health. After a week of record daily increases, contaminations jumped again between Tuesday and Wednesday, with 4,038 new cases and 35 additional deaths, according to health officials. The number of reported cases is now 53,617.

Peru crosses 100,000 case and 3,000 death mark

Peru, the second most affected country in Latin America after Brazil by the Covid-19 epidemic, crossed the 100,000 mark of contamination and 3,000 deaths on Wednesday, the Ministry of Health announced.

The number of reported cases is now 104,020 including 3,024 deaths, according to the latest report from the ministry made public on Twitter, while the country is in its ninth week of containment.


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