Coronavirus, Pelosi from the hairdresser without a mask | Trump attacks the speaker of the House

02 September 2020 18:15

The Democratic exponent, who usually recommends the use of protective devices, is at the center of the controversy

Donald Trump took the opportunity to attack Pelosi, retweeting some comments, including that of her “War Room”, which compares the images of the speaker of the Chamber warning the Americans to wear the mask and those in which he enters the salon.

The owner of the salon, Erica Kious, who interviewed by Fox News, the broadcaster that released the images, explained that “it was Pelosi’s assistant who made the appointment with an independent hairdresser who rents the workstations of his shop. a slap in the face, she can do her thing, while no one else can go and I can’t work. “

Interviewed by TV, Pelosi’s spokesman, Drew Hammill, stated that “the president has respected the rules that had been illustrated to her. Always wear a mask and respect local rules for Covid. The business offered the president a chance to go on Monday, arguing that municipal authorities had allowed the businesses to have one customer at a time. The president respected the rules as they were illustrated to her “.


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