Coronavirus: Pre-quarantine, the possible solution to celebrate Christmas

The months pass, the pandemic does not stop in its impact and citizens begin to consider what next Christmas will be like. The restrictions imposed because of the second wave of the disease that is suffering all over Europe and the risk of contagion that exists in social gatherings raise doubts that he has tried to clarify Christian Drosten, the chief epidemiologist of Germany and director of virology at La Charité in Berlin.

Thus, the key to making it possible to enjoy a typical Christmas is to apply the concept of ‘pre-quarantine’, according to this expert. Specific, it would try to avoid all physical and social contacts for at least a week before the holidays.

“Each individual, of course, must consider how this can be implemented in their own daily life,” said Drosten, who advises Chancellor Angela Merkel on the coronavirus crisis. The expert acknowledges that it is not a simple application measure due to the peculiarities of each family: “How do you do that when you have children who go to daycare or school? Is it possible to avoid meetings for a few days before the family visit or to work entirely from home if work allows it? “

Individual responsibility

Drosten, who made these statements to the German newspaper Die Zeit, refers to individual responsibility to face the pandemic and to be able to live with a certain normality. “People have to weigh the risks of a pandemic for themselves. There is no absolute security, there are always residual risks “, he claimed.

The virologist asks that citizens apply common sense before acting to avoid risks. “It all comes down to many small everyday decisions. For example, when you go out to eat and the question arises as to whether or not you should go in even though it is quite crowded. You walk in or you say, ‘Yeah, it’s cold, but let’s sit outside for another 15 minutes and then let’s go home.’ Or the question of if you really have to organize that party you had planned this winter; maybe you can find a bigger space or postpone it “, explained.

“None of these things is prohibited and nobody can or wants to regulate them. We must all take the situation seriously, even when we are trying to have a normal daily life. We all have to develop proper situational awareness, “he added.

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