Coronavirus: seven new departments in red, including Côte-d’Or and Bas-Rhin

6.30 p.m .: Costa resumes its cruises

The Italian cruise line Costa Cruises returned to sea on Sunday with its ship Costa Deliziosa after more than five months of hiatus due to the epidemic and under the sign of rigorous anti-contagion measures.

The world of cruises, which had known years of uninterrupted growth until 2018, experienced an unprecedented crisis this year because of the pandemic, and is trying to revive itself. Several large ships have already taken to sea from Mediterranean ports, including some of its big competitor MSC Cruises.

Passengers began to embark mid-morning on Sunday and the Costa Deliziosa departed around 4 p.m. GMT from the port of Trieste in northeastern Italy for a seven-day cruise that will take passengers only to the Italian ports of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean.

5:43 pm: Bars close at midnight in Corsica

Corsica, which has been in a red zone of “active circulation of the virus” since Sunday, will have to close its bars at midnight throughout the island, Prefect Pascal Lelarge announced at a press conference in Ajaccio.

“There will be no more alcohol service or bar activity from midnight. Correlatively, there will be no take-away sale of alcohol or transport and consumption of alcohol on the public highway from 11:00 pm ”, underlined the prefect of Corsica.

Soon transparent masks for teachers

An order of several hundred thousand transparent masks has just been made by the National Education for teachers in nursery schools, according to Franceinfo this Sunday.

Until now, these masks were mainly used by people in contact with the deaf and hard of hearing, for whom the possibility of being able to read lips is important.

2:07 p.m.: Melbourne extends confinement

Melbourne’s strict six-week lockdown, which was due to end next weekend, is extended until September 28 in Australia’s second-largest city, Australian authorities said, deeming the drop in new arrivals insufficient. coronavirus case. The state of Victoria, where Melbourne is located, recorded 63 new cases and five deaths on Sunday, against more than 700 at the height of the epidemic.

12:47: More than 880,000 dead worldwide

The pandemic has killed at least 880,396 people around the world since the end of December, according to a report drawn up from official sources on Sunday. The United States is the most affected country in terms of deaths, with 188,540 dead. Brazil (126,203 dead), India (70,626), Mexico (67,326) and the United Kingdom (41,549) follow. Among the hardest hit countries, Peru is the one with the most deaths in relation to its population, with 90 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Belgium (85), Spain (63), the United Kingdom. Uni (61), and Chile (60).

11:32 am: Orders retoked: the Council of State decides this afternoon

Switching to the red zone offers the prefect a whole host of prerogatives to limit the spread of the virus, such as making it compulsory to wear a mask throughout an entire city, including in public spaces, or to close categories of establishments open to the public. as well as meeting places. Powers that can undermine individual freedom?

In any case, limits have been crossed, according to the administrative courts of Strasbourg and Lyon which have, for example, retested the prefectural decrees making it compulsory to wear a mask outside, deeming them “contentious”, and asking “for new ones. decrees, in order to exclude the places of the communes concerned which are not characterized by a high population density “as well as” the hourly periods during which no particular risk of propagation of this virus exists “.

The government did not say its last word and did appeal against the decision of the administrative courts of Strasbourg and Lyon before the Council of State, which met this Sunday at 11 am. The decision must fall within the day.

10:29 am: Bruno Le Maire predicts a “high number of layoffs” and “bankruptcies”

The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire, invited this Sunday on Europe 1, believes that we must “learn to combine economic recovery and life with the virus” while remaining realistic: “We expect, in the weeks and months which come to a high number of layoffs and bankruptcies. We are doing everything to reduce them as much as possible “.

Seven new departments go red

Corse-du-Sud, Haute-Corse, Côte-d’Or, North, Bas-Rhin, Seine-Maritime and Reunion were classified in “zone of active circulation of the virus”, this Sunday, according to a decree published in the Official Journal.

There are now 28 departments, including 4 overseas, classified in this area according to this text which comes into force “immediately”. Paris and the Bouches-du-Rhône were the first classified “red”, from August 14th.

A department is classified in the “red” zone when the circulation of the virus is active there. In terms of numbers, this means that the department’s incidence rate exceeds 50 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants. This indicator is calculated from the results of PCR tests.

9:05 am: A post-Covid investment plan of 26 billion euros

The savings of the French, which swelled by 27 billion euros during confinement, will be used to build bridges, housing or even cycle paths, said Eric Lombard, general manager of the Caisse des Dépôts (CDC), by unveiling a post-Covid investment plan of 26 billion euros in transport, housing and equipment in the territories, in the columns of the Journal du Dimanche.

Among the projects of the State recovery plan, the thermal renovation of public buildings and low-cost housing and electric vehicle charging infrastructure, in great demand by car manufacturers.

8:25 am: In Croatia, some think that “the Covid is a lie”

“The Covid is a lie, we are not all Covidiots”, or “Take off the mask, turn off the TV, live your life to the fullest”, proclaimed several thousand Croats gathered in Zagreb on Saturday. The number of contaminations has jumped in Croatia since the reopening of borders to summer visitors, exceeding 200 per day in August and reaching a record 369 new cases on Thursday.

8:14 am: Anti-vaccines and anti-masks demonstrate in Italy

About a thousand people demonstrated Saturday in the center of Rome to protest against the obligation to vaccinate children of school age and the wearing of masks.
“No to the obligation to vaccinate, yes to freedom of choice”, “No mask at school, no distancing”, “Personal freedom is inviolable” and “Long live freedom” proclaimed signs brandished by the demonstrators, the majority of whom did not wear a mask.

Covid-19: 8,550 new cases detected in 24 hours

The number of new cases of Covid-19 detected in 24 hours in France reached the figure of 8,550, close to the record of the day before since the start of the epidemic and the launch of large-scale tests in the country, according to data published Saturday evening by the Directorate General of Health (DGS).

8,550 positive cases have been confirmed since Friday, or roughly the same level as the day before (8,975 cases), confirming the marked increase compared to previous days when there were just over 7,000 new cases in 24 hours.

7:03 am: Silvio Berlusconi, stable condition

The state of health of the former head of the Italian government Silvio Berlusconi hospitalized Thursday due to a pulmonary infection due to Covid is stable. His attending physician, Professor Alberto Zangrillo, explained on Saturday that “the respiratory and clinical framework confirms a regular and expected development and therefore leads to cautious but reasonable optimism”. Friday, the same doctor had indicated that the Cavaliere, 84 years in three weeks, “can be defined as a patient at risk because of his age and his former pathologies”, including an open heart intervention. “It is not necessary to not. shout victory “he added.

7:01 am: A French player excluded from the US Open

Frenchwoman Kristina Mladenovic and her doubles partner, Hungarian Timea Babos, were disqualified from the US Open women’s doubles draw by decision of local health authorities. This decision is based on the fact that Mladenovic is one of the players having worked with Frenchman Benoît Paire, tested positive for coronavirus and excluded from the tournament a week ago. As such, she must remain in quarantine, in her room.

6:58 am: Costa Cruises is back to sea this Sunday

After its big competitor MSC Cruises in particular, it is the turn of the Italian cruise line Costa Cruises to return to sea this Sunday with its ship Costa Deliziosa after more than five months of hiatus due to the epidemic.

The Costa Deliziosa is due to depart at the end of the afternoon from the port of Trieste, in northeastern Italy, for a seven-day cruise that will bring its passengers only to the Italian ports of the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean. Costa’s first cruises, in September, are reserved only for residents in Italy. They will take place according to a protocol of security measures established by the company and a group of scientific experts.

Between mid-March and the end of September, the worldwide loss, in terms of economic activity linked to the cessation and then the slow resumption of cruises, will be of the order of $ 50 billion and 334,000 jobs, according to estimates. of the International Association of Cruise Lines (CLIA).

6:50 am: Olivier Véran expects an increase in intensive care hospitalizations

“We are not at all on the same epidemic curve as last spring, we are on a slower development but which should alert us”, said the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran on BFMTV on Saturday.

“The hospitalization and the admission to intensive care is only a reflection of the epidemic situation of two weeks ago. So it is obvious that in the next fortnight there will be an increase, not massive but there is will have an increase anyway, the number of severe cases, hospitalizations and intensive care admissions“, he added.

– The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, expects an increase in intensive care hospitalizations “in the next fortnight”.

– Bars and restaurants close at 12:30 a.m. instead of 11 p.m., but mask is compulsory in all urbanized areas of the department: the prefect of Bouches-du-Rhône announced on Saturday the adaptation of the anti-Covid measures taken in August, in view of the evolution of the epidemic.

– The cost of the future vaccine being developed by Sanofi and GSK laboratories against Covid-19 “is not yet completely defined”, but will be “less than ten euros” per dose, according to Olivier Bogillot, Chairman of Sanofi France.

– The pandemic has killed at least 875,703 people around the world since the end of December, according to a report established on Saturday at midday.

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