SPÖ LGF seeker for today’s ORF press hour: Responsibility, competence and political foresight have a name – Peter Kaiser.

Klagenfurt (OTS) “Governor Peter Kaiser gets to the point when he says in today’s ORF press hour that the current corona crisis has been the greatest challenge for generations, but we will ultimately master it with discipline and optimism,” sums up the regional manager of the SPÖ Carinthia , Andreas Sucher. Now it is imperative to take responsibility for one another in an unprecedented way, namely from politics, experts and the population: “A new form of solidarity,” says Sucher. Because: “As Kaiser says: Feared to death has also died. Reason, distance and optimism are now important! “

It is also important that the decisions made are transparent and comprehensible. Here, Kaiser and Seekers see, based on the example of Germany, optimization potential, for example with regard to the involvement of the opposition. “Freedom and democracy are our greatest assets and must remain so now and after this crisis,” Sucher emphasizes. The aim should be to deal with criticism as it is cultivated in Germany, instead of “taking advantage of the latent feeling of authority that is widespread in Germany”.

The most important points now should be to ensure health, maintain people’s livelihoods and structures in terms of the welfare state, health, etc. And here again the question arises: Who are they who will have to pay the costs of the crisis? Emperors and seekers agree that it is not the “heroes of today” who are currently maintaining the system. Even mass taxes alone will not be possible. New regulations regarding the tax area are expected, for example with regard to international companies or online companies that “earn themselves stupid and stupid in a crisis”.

“As Kaiser said, no quick shots are needed here – but there are many aspects at the table, such as the ecological aspect, the relief of the factor of work, inheritance, property taxes and much more,” says Sucher, emphasizing that there are already a number of valid concepts.

This situation in particular shows once again how important it is to secure the existence of the state. “This must be tackled immediately by the federal government,” said Sucher.

Emperors and seekers certify that the government is doing a lot of things solidly and well. But there would be even more need for coordination – a coordinator in the crisis would have been desirable. SPÖ boss Pamela Rendi-Wagner could have been involved in the expert committee instead of always following her recommendations with a delay of two or three days. In the future there will be a need for discussions about the distribution of funds. In principle, 38 billion euros will be too little, an accompanying control of the opposition in the distribution of the funds is essential.

“That Governor Peter Kaiser does not want to change any small change in this situation, that it is important to him to carefully weigh up all pros and cons in advance, for example when it comes to opening the border, that he is positive about a social billion demanded by Caritas, that he has planning security for parents, Demanding children and educators, and above all that he does not want to leave anyone behind in this crisis, shows once again that Kaiser knows how political responsibility works. In the interests of people and the country, ”concludes Sucher.


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