News Coronavirus: “Stay permanently at home”, calls for Civil Protection...

Coronavirus: “Stay permanently at home”, calls for Civil Protection | Coronavirus

A few hours before Portugal enters the covid-19 mitigation phase, the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority (ANEPC) announced that it placed the districts of Lisbon, Porto and Aveiro on orange alert (the second most serious of the scale) due to the higher incidence of risks and cases of the new coronavirus – initially, O national commander of Protection Civil, Duarte Costa, said Braga, then correcting for Aveiro.

The rest of the country’s districts are on yellow alert. At a press conference, Duarte Costa, made an appeal to the country: “Stay definitely at home”.

Each person who stays at home and interrupts the chain of infection is a person who contributes to less infections. Therefore, it contributes to fewer Portuguese people getting sick and, ultimately, less Portuguese will die because of the covid-19 ”, stressed the national commander, taking advantage of the conference for a serious appeal to the country.

Duarte Costa also explained that the elevation of the yellow to orange alert status serves to guarantee a greater readiness and availability of Civil Protection resources.


What is the orange state?

The orange status is assigned when the Civil Protection considers that there is a “dangerous situation, with conditions for the occurrence of unusual phenomena that can cause damage to people and property, jeopardizing their safety.

In total, there are five progressive levels of alert status: a normal alert state (green) and four special alert states (blue, yellow, orange and red), which determine the reinforcement of the monitoring and increase the degree of readiness of the device , Explains Civil Protection.

The civil protection emergency plan works as a fundamental operational management tool for the civil protection system and aims to facilitate that “the mechanisms for institutional coordination and operational management, in a more concerted way than would have been possible before”.

ANEPC also said that ten district plans are active across the country: Aveiro, Bragança, Faro, Coimbra, Leiria, Porto, Santarém, Vila Real and Viseu. However, “this is not a final accounting” and is subject to constant assessment by the mayors and local Civil Protection coordinators.



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