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Coronavirus strikes harder in regions with high levels of particulate matter in the air, researchers conclude

The coronavirus strikes harder in regions where a lot of particulate matter is present in the air. Researcher Bo Andrée concludes this in a study for the World Bank. He advises that further investigation is needed quickly.

In his study, Andrée compared data on particulate matter in the Netherlands with the numbers of people who become ill with the coronavirus. As is known, many people in East Brabant are affected by the corona virus.

More particulate matter, more patients
The study concludes that there is indeed a link. If the amount of particulate matter in a region increases by twenty percent, the number of corona patients will grow by one hundred percent.

Andreé conducts research for the World Bank. This organization tries to quickly collect and disseminate information during international crises. The aim is to quickly provide information to authorities around the world to tackle the crisis. This mainly concerns countries in the Third World that find it difficult to conduct proper research.

A big problem
Andrée: ‘Air pollution is a major problem in many Third World countries. That is why I wanted to investigate whether that contamination had an impact on the number of corona patients. “

He studied the situation in the Netherlands because reliable information is available per region about particulate matter and about the spread of the coronavirus. In his study, he explains exactly how he excluded other factors to conclude that there is a ‘robust relationship’ between particulate matter and the number of corona patients.

Intensive livestock farming
Bo Andrée himself says that he knew nothing about the discussion that is currently going on in Brabant about the possible connection between Q fever, corona, particulate matter and the stables of intensive livestock farming. The study concludes that there is a relationship between the number of corona patients and particulate matter. Andrée has not figured out exactly how this connection is made.

More studies have been conducted into the relationship between particulate matter and corona. RIVM is currently considering a large-scale investigation into this connection.



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