Coronavirus, the appeal of the 101 in favour of a vaccine that is “democratic” and all

Sa the policy has a discussion on the best strategies for the containment of the Covid-19, the pharmaceutical industry in months instead concentrated on the development of an effective vaccine. Waiting, movements (side) public opinion is mobilized. You give to do. Especially people who do not want the search to be conditioned only by economic interests and of part. In this sense one must read the appeal of 101 public figures, united in the ask that the vaccines Covid-19 is a universal common good, free from any patent owned. A vaccine free of charge, gi before it goes into production and distribution.

From George Clooney to Nicola Zingaretti

The army of the 101 composed of people from several different fronts. From that of the political, the scientific and academic world, of entertainment, of culture and of the economy. The letter-manifesto, published by the Republic, was compiled and written by Muhammad Yunus, Nobel peace prize in 2006, who first launched the initiative with his foundation. Among the signatories there are Bono, Andrea Bocelli, George Clooney, Sharon Stone, Matt Damon, Forest Whitaker, Nobel peace prize laureate Desmond Tutu, the secretary of the Democratic Party of Nicola Zingaretti, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, the former president of Poland Lech Walesa, the professors Luigino Bruni and Raffaele Ferrari, the ecclesiastical Enzo Fortunato, Mauro Gambetti, and Giulio Albanese. The fear felt that the research of the vaccine can turn into a sort of jungle activities. In an explosion of initiatives that empower one another, and losing the deepest sense, human, in the care given to all. Without distinctions.

The document

It reads, in fact, in the document: C’ an explosion of research activity and clinical trials to find cures and vaccines. The only way to eradicate once and for all pandemic to get a vaccine that can be administered to all the inhabitants of the planet (…) who live in rich countries or poor (…). Governments, foundations, international financial organizations such as the World Bank and the regional development banks should work out the details on how to make vaccines available free of charge. And again. a long process. The estimated time for the development of a vaccine Covid-19 of about 18 months minimum, which would be a record speed for the absolute. We will have to develop a procedure to clearly determine what would be the figure that is fair to make the vaccine available to the public. For this reason, the information provided by the private sector, scientists and authorities must be timely, accurate, clear, complete, and transparent. And the search results should be of public domain.

The proposal

We appeal to the effect that to set up an International Committee responsible for the monitoring of vaccine research and to ensure equal access to the vaccine in all the Countries and all the people in a certain time, publicly announced. In the appeal are the names of the recipients. So many of you. We appeal to all world leaders, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Director-General of the World Organization of Health, to the religious leaders, the social leaders, leaders, and moral leaders of the research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and the leaders of the media.

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