Coronavirus: the City shall limit the running according to the termination ID

Alberto Fernández: “we Want to control the outputs of the runners


In the midst of l

to interview that provided the president of the Nation,

Alberto Fernandez,

since the Fifth of Olvios where he gave details of the latest measures that will be implemented in the AMBA after the meeting along with the governor of the province of Buenos Aires,

Axel Kicillof,

and the deputy chief of Government of buenos aires,

Diego Santilli,

it was also confirmed that in CABA the

outputs of physical activity

will be awarded s

ccording to the termination of the DNI.

“I’m glad that you made that decision, it is something that I’ve asked today, Diego Santilli and yesterday to Horace, if there was any way to narrow down and control the outputs,” noted the President when from Telefe News confirmed to him that they will begin to ask for the ID card to the


And in that regard, he added: “He had told Larreta, that we may seek to further minimize the movement of the people”.

The issue of the physical activity sparked great controversy and concern among various members of Government, basically by the fear of an overflow, and the lack of measures of distance that were seen the first days that was enabled by the measure. From that time they burned all the alamas of the authorities, which probably resulted in this new restriction.

“You wanted to go out to run, to open shops and here are the consequences. I can’t do the distracted, those who were paying attention to the economy are as here to the side, with more than 40 thousand dead,” said Fernandez in a clear reference to the situation of the pandemic that crosses Brazil.

In that sense, Fernández referred to the increase of hiv infections in the AMBA region and confirmed that after the meeting today in Olive trees it was agreed that as of midnight on Thursday, will expire all of the permissions of circulation, with the exception of those granted to core workers. “We have to lower the level of traffic to lower the infection. Today we had a common perspective on the meeting we had with Diego Santilli, and Axel Kicillof,” said the representative.

“We looked at how to grow the movement, grow the infections. We have taken a decision, this is why from the 00 in the morning will only be able to use the transport workers essential and we will be very strict,” said the President. “In the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires is concentrated to 95% of cases and we have been looking at how to measure that increased circulation, increased infections. We worry about this, also because there are more beds occupied in the hospitals,” concluded the matter.



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