Health Coronavirus: the delivery of Plaquenil, derived from chloroquine, is...

Coronavirus: the delivery of Plaquenil, derived from chloroquine, is now supervised


Plaquenil, a drug based on hydroxychloroquine, a derivative of the antimalarial chloroquine, cannot be used in the treatment of Covid-19 in (city medicine), said the agency of the drug ANSM to the AFP, while this drug is currently the subject of mass demand.

A decree published on Thursday takes a series of measures: limiting the supply of Plaquenil in pharmacies to its strict medical indications (rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and in the prevention of lucitis – sun allergies) and ban on the export of specialties containing hydroxychloroquine or the combination lopinavir / ritonavir, antivirals also tested against Covid-19.

“Avoid the risks of rupture”

It is protect patients who need it andavoid the risks of rupture of their treatment because of prescriptions without any justification, said to the AFP Dr. Dominique Martin, director general of the ANSM.

Health officials said on Tuesday that there were no shortage chloroquine drugs, but associations of the chronically ill were alarmed by delays in delivery.

The decree also confirms, as announced by the Minister of Health Olivier Véran at the start of the week, that as an exception, hydroxychloroquine and lopinavir / ritonavir can be prescribed, dispensed and administered under the responsibility of a doctor to patients with covid-19.

It must be done in the health establishments which take charge of them, as well as, for the continuation of their treatment if their condition allows it and on authorization of the initial prescriber, at home.

Olivier Véran added that the delivery of hydroxychloroquine would be limited to severe cases.



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