World Coronavirus: the G20 agrees to inject $ 5 trillion...

Coronavirus: the G20 agrees to inject $ 5 trillion to revive the economy

“We are committed to doing whatever it takes and using all available political tools to minimize the economic and social damage of the pandemic,” The G20 countries indicated in a joint statement at the end of a virtual meeting of the organization’s leaders.

In the note, the G20 promised “to take all necessary health measures and seek to secure adequate financing to protect people, especially the most vulnerable.”

In addition, the group leaders made a commitment to share “timely and transparent information”, exchange epidemiological and clinical data, share research materials and “strengthen health systems worldwide”.

In this regard, they pointed out the importance of strengthening the mandate of the World Health Organization (WHO) in coordinating the fight against the pandemic and pledged to “provide immediate resources” to the United Nations agency, as well as to other organizations and funds such as the Coalition for Innovations in Epidemic Preparedness (CEPI).

They instructed the health ministers to meet “when necessary” to share the practices that are carried out in the countries and thus develop a set of “urgent actions” to combat the pandemic, which will be announced at a ministerial meeting that will have place next April.

The Saudi Foreign Ministry, the country that acts as the agency’s pro tempore president, released images of the king Salman bin Abdelaziz on a screen during their speaking turn with leaders from other countries in the boxes below.

The Saudi ministry and official SPA agency reported in a series of Twitter messages that King Salman referred in his opening speech to “responsibility” as “leaders of the world’s largest economies” in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

“On the trade front, the G20 must send a strong message to restore confidence by resuming as soon as possible the normal flow of goods and services, especially vital doctors,” The monarch said, quoted by the EFE news agency.

During the deliberations, President Alberto Fernández suggested that the countries of the world “share the vision” of Argentina to prioritize health over the economy in the face of the coronavirus pandemic and, in that sense, he encouraged “design and sign a great pact of global solidarity “since” it has been seen that no one saves himself “.

In this sense, the president affirmed that at the moment “there is no place for demagoguery or improvisations”, since the world “faces the dilemma of preserving the economy or the health of our people” and confirmed that Argentina “does not hesitate to protect integrally the life “of the people.

Among the images that could be seen of the participants, appears the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Japanese Shinzo Abe and the Canadian Justin Trudeau, whose wife contracted the virus.

In addition, US President Donald Trump can be seen sitting at the head of a long table in Washington with other officials.

The global death toll from Covid-19 has exceeded 22,000 among the more than 490,000 infected people, according to the Johns Hopkins University database.

The G20 is made up of the United States, Russia, China, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Republic of Korea, South Africa and Turkey, as well as the Union European and Saudi Arabia, which holds the pro tempore presidency of the mechanism.

Spain, a permanent invited country, and other countries that attend by invitation, such as Jordan, Singapore and Switzerland, also participate.



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