Health Coronavirus: the School Hospital informed how Intensive Therapy is...

Coronavirus: the School Hospital informed how Intensive Therapy is prepared for the care of the infected

In the framework of the current pandemic, the Hospital Escuela de Agudos “Dr. Ramón Madariaga ”carries out a Contingency Plan for the adequate treatment of suspected Covid-19 patients, paying special attention to the care of health personnel. This time, information is presented on how the Intensive Care Service is being prepared at the aforementioned Assistance Center.

The Intensive Therapy Service of the Hospital Escuela de Agudos “Dr. Ramón Madariaga ”continues to be the largest in the Province of Misiones and one of the most advanced in the region. It has 21 beds. It has 13 staff doctors.

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The Head of the Therapy Service, Hospital Escuela, Dr. Rafael Ernesto Ostrowski reported that they have 21 highly complex beds. On the same floor, there is the Coronary Unit, which has a total of 12 beds, with the same complexity as the previous ones, which could be used, if necessary in the current pandemic. Regarding the characteristics of the beds, he explained that they are functional, with state-of-the-art multiparameter monitors and microprocessed respirators, to give the patient the greatest possible intensive care.

Another point that stood out was the staff of professionals for interdisciplinary care. “Our staff is made up of 13 intensive care specialists, one nurse every two beds, three kinesiologists per shift and guards who are active throughout the week.

Contingency Plan: Covid-19 patient care

The professional also specified some details of how Covid-19 case care is developed, within the framework of the Contingency Plan that is being implemented “the patient enters the Hospital Escuela through a classification or triage, which is carried out in the Emergency Service. After this classification, for those cases considered to be suspected of coronavirus, an isolation sector was available, equipped for the treatment and management of patients, until the results were obtained and the sector to which the Assistance Center should be transferred was evaluated.

In the event that the patient with positive Covid-19 requires care in intensive care, five beds were initially available to be used for the care of patients with Covid-19. “They have the same technology, with respirators and monitors, they have a circulation system, separated in dirty and clean areas, with elements of personal protection, hand washing and a sector for dressing and undressing. The placement and removal of the personal protection elements will be supervised by a colleague to avoid contamination ”.

Health personnel care

For the care and protection of personnel working in this area, the recommendations of the Contingency Plan are followed. The personal protection elements, which are available to the personnel, who carry out treatment of Covid-19 patients, are: face masks, eye protection glasses, caps / diving suits, N95 chinstraps and surgical chinstraps (depending on the work to be done) , as well as hemorrepelent camisoles and double equipment of gloves in each entrance to the contaminated place. In addition, a special circulation system was devised separating contaminated areas from uncontaminated areas.

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He also reported that professionals from the Hospital Escuela were sent to collaborate in the coordination of intensive care at the hospitals “Nuestra Señora de Fátima”, in the homologous neighborhood and “René Favaloro”, in Villa Cabello, both in Posadas.

Finally, he pointed out, bringing tranquility to the population, that in the public sphere, the School Hospital has the largest and most complex therapy in the Province of Misiones and is one of the most advanced in the region. In addition, other therapies are prepared for the attention of Covid-19 cases, in other Assistance Centers and if the cases begin to increase, there are the protocols to respond in coordination with the private sphere.




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