Coronavirus. There is an alert to return to a red epidemiological traffic light: Sheinbaum

Given the increase, in the last five days, of beds occupied with patients for Covid-19, the head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, called on the capitals to cooperate and take responsibility to get back on the path to reducing hospital occupancy, because despite the fact that the epidemiological traffic light remains orange for the following week, there are an alert to return to red.

“We have about 50% of the beds available; However, what is relevant is that it stopped decreasing and began to increase, it had been decreasing and began to grow, this obviously sets us on a great alert, nobody wants to return the red light, neither for health nor for the family economy,.

In a video published on social networks, Sheinbaum recalled that in the last month there was a decrease in hospitalization, which is why it went from red to orange.

“It is essential to let them know that in the national epidemiological traffic light system, depending on the growth in hospitalizations and their growth rate, if we reach a critical point, we will have to take new restrictive measures to avoid hospital saturation and also to prevent it from returning to grow the number of unfortunate deaths, “he said.

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He explained that no government program will be sufficient in this pandemic due to Covid-19 if the citizens do not cooperate to avoid infections.

“No government program is sufficient without the responsibility and cooperation of citizens. It is everyone’s obligation and not everyone’s
spread and not catch. Cooperate, take responsibility. Remember that it is everyone’s obligation, “he said.

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He exhorted the people of the capital to stay at home as much as possible, wear face masks, keep a healthy distance, wash their hands, go to places that are open with all responsibility and avoid crowds.

“The use of masks every time we leave the house, rigorously and appropriately, that is, covering the nose and mouth,” he said.



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