Coronavirus: they stop in New York a wedding that re …

The Department of Health of New York issued an order to stop a Hasidic wedding of a rabbi’s grandson, which could gather up to 10,000 guests. The wedding is scheduled for this Monday and the New York authorities seek to stop it before the concern about the spread of coronavirus.

The wedding would take place in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, seat of a large Orthodox Jewish community. That area of ​​New York is not among the “red zones” with new coronavirus outbreaks, but even so the authorities ordered not to hold the mass meeting.

The investigation carried out by the State, after learning about the wedding plans, is that up to 10,000 people could attend the event. The order signed by the director of the State Department of Health, Howard Zucker, is based on the fact that the celebration of the wedding exceeds the limits allowed in the middle of the pandemic.

“The city knows it, we did this with them and I am sure they will be vigilant,” said the Governor Andrew Cuomo during a press conference. The city’s Sheriff’s Office served the warrant on Friday. “You can get married but you can’t have thousands of people at your wedding. You get the same result at the end of the day.”, argued the Democrat.

Certain areas of Brooklyn, especially several Orthodox Jewish majority areas, have seen a spike in cases in September. The authorities warned about the possibility of re-imposing confinement measures if the situation was not stopped.

There were also new cases in Queens County and other out-of-city areas where the Orthodox are very numerous, such as in Rockland and Orange counties. That community refuses to comply with state orders and has held massive protests on the streets of Brooklyn.

Last week thousands of Orthodox gathered in Rockland County, without masks or social distancing. Authorities believe they could be responsible for a further increase in infection rates in that area.

On Thursday the positive test rate was 11.26% compared to 8.40% the day before. The United States reached the figure of 8,040,922 confirmed cases and 218,455 deaths from the coronavirus, according to the independent count from Johns Hopkins University.


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