Coronavirus today in Venezuela: how many cases are registered as of October 17 Source: LA NACION

The viral pneumonia epidemic caused by a new coronavirus is expanding throughout the world and concern is also growing. Until today, October 17, 85,758 cases of infected, 725 of deaths and 78,294 of recovered were reported in Venezuela. These figures are released daily by the World Health Organization (WHO).

With respect to the previous day, no new cases of infected were known, as reported by the international body.

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Venezuela is in position 53 of countries with the highest number of infected. The list of the top ten is made up as follows: United States 8291302, India 7432680, Brazil 5201570, Russia 1384235, Spain 982723, Argentina 965609, Colombia 945354, France 867637, Peru 862417, Mexico 841661.



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