Entertainment Coronavirus today in Venezuela: how many cases are registered...

Coronavirus today in Venezuela: how many cases are registered as of September 19

Coronavirus today in Venezuela: how many cases are registered as of September 19 Source: LA NACION

The viral pneumonia epidemic caused by a new coronavirus is expanding throughout the world and concern is also growing. Until today, September 19, 65,174 cases of infected, 530 of deaths and 54,218 of recovered were reported in Venezuela. These figures are released daily by the World Health Organization (WHO).

With respect to the previous day, no new cases of infected were known, as reported by the international body.

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Venezuela is in position 50 of countries with the highest number of infected. The list of the top ten is made up of the following: United States 6966292, India 5398230, Brazil 4528347, Russia 1097251, Peru 762865, Colombia 758398, Mexico 688954, Republic of South Africa 659656, Spain 659334, Argentina 622934.




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