Coronavirus: two doctors from Buenos Aires died who had not yet been vaccinated

Despite being a priority in the application of the coronavirus vaccine, There is still to be immunized about 30% of the medical personnel of the City of Buenos Aires. Y The death this Thursday of a doctor from the Emergency Service of the Fernández Hospital and the head of plastic surgery at the Hospital de Quemados (last Saturday), renewed the controversy about the delay in the vaccination of essential workers.

The doctor Maria Rosa Fullone (56) She was a General Physician and Specialist in Dermatology, and a Senior Physician in the Emergency and Emergency Service of the Fernández Hospital. Mother of three children, she had had her own Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine clinic in the heart of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Devoto for more than a decade, where she practiced treatments for celebrities such as Noelia Marzol, Fabián Vena, Felipe Colombo, Iliana Calabró, Alejandro Marley , and Celeste Muriega, among many others.

The staff from the clinic left a meaningful message on social networks:

She taught us that perfection did not exist, that perfection was Anti-aesthetic, she taught us to always highlight our beautiful features, to look at each other with love and that little by little we could improve everything we wanted.

She made no distinctions, for her she was always a patient, she was a life, she was a whole family, a patient was someone who was waiting in a house that day, and whoever it was had to give everything.

She did not discriminate by condition, on the contrary kindness is her greatest quality.

Doctor of many and of many, the one who did not have hours to help.

Today we remember you with sadness and with a heart full of pride.

She was an example of a woman, a mother and a grandmother.

Today she finished her career here on earth and another began in heaven, today she received a well-deserved “FulloDaySpa”.

Today @esteticafullone turns off her lights for a little while to accommodate this immense pain and be able to transform it as she would have liked.

“There are many virtuous and capable women in the world, but you surpass them all!” Proverbs 31:29

Thank you for every message we are receiving, they are caresses to our hearts.

Your children Ezequiel, Tomas, Lucila and your son-in-law Emiliano, Your grandchildren Morena and Felipe

Five days ago the doctor also passed away Carlos Sereday (65), head of plastic surgery at Hospital de Quemados. With more than 30 years of experience, Sereday was a specialist in restorative surgery and burns. In addition, he was a full member of the Argentine Society of Plastic Surgery (SACPER), and an active member of Burn Care and Reconstructive Surgery Medical Group. He also played an important role as Burn Patient Care Coordinator in two major prepaid companies, such as Grupo OSDE and Swiss Medical Group.

The two deaths are due to the spread of coronavirus and neither of them was vaccinated. In the case of Dr. Fullone, she entered the Intensive Care area on February 22 and on February 27 it was her turn to be inoculated. This condition renewed the controversy based on the criteria in the distribution and the quantity of doses that the Ministry of Health of the Nation delivers, in this case to the City of Buenos Aires.

According to the data released by the Buenos Aires government, the City has approximately 160,000 doses to vaccinate health personnel (public and private), and 30% of the doses still remain to be applied.

“Nation made the decision to distribute vaccines based on the general population when the vaccine is applied to risk groups, and risk groups are not provided to the general population in all jurisdictions.“Quirós had indicated on Wednesday in the framework of the weekly report on the epidemiological situation.

The problem has to do with a health system designed more than 70 years ago that was from the periphery to health. Health care was outside the city but it came to be treated in the city. That is why the city has 34 public hospitals, 46 health centers. But it also has the sanatoriums of the prepaid, of the social works. That is why we have an overrepresentation of health workers and with all that that implies”, He explained.

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