Coronavirus | UrbnMsk masks: prices and models of the first exclusive mask shop

“We may have to wear the mask for a long time, at least two years”, has warned the virologist Margarita del Val in a interview given to AS. If the experts agree on one thing, it is that this instrument to combat COVID-19 will accompany us for a long time. With this panorama, there are those who take advantage to undertake. This is the case of Christian Rodríguez, who intuited the business that could be with the masks and has opened URBNMSK, “he first establishment specialized in masks from Spain ”, the company itself tells on its Instagram account.

The future of this business is uncertain, as masks seem temporary. However, Christian Rodríguez predicts a good future because he is sure that some people will choose to use this element permanently: “What is clear is that, as it already happens in Japan, many people will introduce the mask into their life forever, and quality products will survive in the market ”.

What kind of masks can be found?

In the new store, located in the Enrique Granados street, in the Eixample district, you can buy your own masks, the Repotrect, as well as other brands from different manufacturers that meet the security parameters required by the establishment for sale: Lugupell, We Stay Different, Abbacino Y Maskme. All are made in Spain. “Only reusable hygienic masks can be purchased at URBNMSK, which comply with the strictest safety regulations and the most exclusive designs,” the company details.

The R30 can be washed up to 30 times Y reactivates its antibacterial properties with every wash and iron. For their part, R40 they are reusable up to 40 washes. Both types have the UNE 0065: 2020 specification. Within the R40 is the sports mask section, where you can find official products from Barcelona, ​​Atheltic and Sevilla.

On the other hand, masks We Stay Different belong to a movement with a social and responsible attitude. Its products help people to live in a safe and supportive way, celebrating diversity, inclusivity and with a single purpose: TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE. This type of ecological hygienic mask is washable and reusable up to 50 times. It also has the specification A 0065: 2020.

How much they cost?

Despite the opening of this establishment, the masks can continue to be purchased online for the same price. The cheapest costs € 8.90 and the most expensive € 14.95. It is the most expensive and one of the most sought after. He is one of the official Barça models that President Josep María Bartomeu has worn in his last public appearances.

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