World Coronavirus USA: number of infected reaches sad record mark...

Coronavirus USA: number of infected reaches sad record mark – new rapid test gives hope

The corona virus is spreading more and more in the United States. Donald Trump explains why there are more confirmed cases than in any other country. All developments regarding Corona in the United States in the news ticker.

Update from March 28, 7:01 a.m .: A US pharmaceutical company has a portable one Coronavirus rapid test developed. The device, the size of a toaster, is already available a result after five minutesthe company said Abbott Laboratories on Friday with. The test could be delivered to selected laboratories and health care providers in the coming week due to an exemption from the US drug approval agency FDA.

Thanks to the small dimensions, the rapid test can be used outside of hospitals in particularly affected areas, said Abbott boss Robert Ford more than 100,000 people with the novel Corona virus infected. This makes the United States the country with the most cases of infection worldwide. Nearly 1,700 people died in the United States from the virus-induced lung disease Covid-19.

Corona crisis in the USA: effects on Germany? Giant military ship arrived in Los Angeles

Update, 10 p.m .: Relief by the U.S. Navy. Friday is in the port of los Angeles the USNS Mercy arrived, a huge floating military hospital.

The hospital ship should therefore serve as a transitional hospital for the sick and injured who are not with the Corona virus are infected, so in the clinics ashore capacities for the Covid-19 patients to clear.

According to US experts, the United States has become more well known Coronavirus infections than any other country in the world.

USA fight against the corona virus: Best wishes to Great Britain

Update, 9.45 p.m .: Further Corona news: German researchers have probably made a breakthrough in the fight against the corona virus *. Meanwhile, more than 200 Munich restaurateurs have desperately turned to Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) * and Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD) – with a first result.

Virologists have felt that they have taken over the world – a comment *.

Because of Corona: an almost empty subway station in Washington.

© picture alliance / dpa / Ken Cedeno

Update, 9:15 p.m .: Wishing for recovery among two of the most powerful leaders in the world.

US President Donald Trump has wished British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was infected with the corona virus, a “speedy recovery”. Both would have agreed in a conversation when fighting the Corona virus and to continue working closely together to strengthen the global economy, the White House said on Friday.

Johnson had also announced earlier this Friday that he had dealt with the new pathogen Sars-CoV-2 infected.

Corona crisis in the USA: Donald Trump calls Angela Merkel

Update, 7.45 p.m .: The Corona crisis of course also needs agreements worldwide.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Donald Trump because of the rapid spread of the Corona virus on the phone. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert announced this Friday evening. Both would have agreed to stay in close contact on this.

Update, 7.15 p.m .: Aid to the American economy: The US Congress has because of Coronavirus pandemic decided to implement a huge stimulus package worth around $ 2 trillion.

After the Senate dominated by the Republicans, the House of Representatives controlled by the Democrats passed the bill on Friday with support across party borders. US President Donald Trump had previously announced that the legislative package would immediately come into force with his signature.

Corona crisis in the USA: China ensures cooperation

Update, 4:36 p.m .: After increasing tensions between China and the United States in the course of Corona crisis both sides have struck more conciliatory notes. China’s President Xi Jinping said the two countries should join forces to fight the pandemic, state media said in a phone call US President Donald Trump on Friday.

Trump spoke of a “very good conversation”. Meanwhile, Canada protested the possible deployment of U.S. soldiers to the common border as a measure against the pandemic.

Tensions between China and the United States had initially increased since the pandemic began. Both countries disputed about the origin of the novel corona virus. Trump has repeatedly referred to the pathogen as the “China virus” or “Chinese virus”. At the same time, Chinese officials spread conspiracy theories that the pandemic had not actually started in the central Chinese province of Hubei, but that US soldiers had brought the virus to China.

Trump China subsequently accused the dissemination of false information. He also repeatedly accused China of a lack of transparency and initially hesitant handling of the virus outbreak. However, Trump recently avoided the term “Chinese virus”, which was interpreted as a sign of decreasing tensions between the two world powers.

Update 1 p.m .: In the United States rules chaos. The United States now has the most infected people worldwide. The terrible situation could also have a dangerous impact Germany have like SPD health politicians Karl Lauterbach at Maybrit Illner feared: “If the Americans really get into trouble now, they will try to buy the world market empty with the power of their money and their shares.” It is primarily about the valuable protective clothing.

There is a real fight against the economic power of the United States. The German government also bears part of the blame. “We depend on China and India for protective clothing and masks,” criticizes Lauterbach. “After the crisis, it can never stay that way,” he says, rethinking stocks and supply chains.

Trump explains sad world record – study shows terrible fears

Update 9.11 a.m .: New York is terribly affected, but according to experts, the whole is threatened United States terrible conditions. According to a study, the University of Washington will hold more than in the next four months 81,000 virus deaths in the U.S. for possible. But for the US president Donald Trump the high number of confirmed infections in the United States is because there are so many tests in the country. In other countries such as China, however, the real numbers are unknown.

The allegations that Trump is doing too little and is still not taking the problem seriously are growing louder. The governor of the hardest hit state of New York recently called for 30,000 ventilators. “You will choose the 26,000 people who will die,” said Andrew Cuomo to the government. “The president said it was a war. It is a war. Then he should act like in a war. “

Doctors and hospital staff from many parts of the country report bottlenecks in the supply of protective clothing, face masks and, above all, test kits.

Update from March 27, 5:12 p.m.: The United States have more known coronavirus infections than any other country, according to American experts. In the United States there was until Thursday evening (local time) 85,800 known infections, in China around 81,800 and about 80,600 in Italy as emerged from an overview of the American Johns Hopkins University. There are now more than half a million confirmed infections with the virus worldwide Sars-CoV-2.

US president Donald Trump told White House journalists the high number of confirmed infections in the United States is because so many tests are carried out in the country. In other countries like China, you don’t know what the real numbers are, Trump said. Experts believe that there are far more infections in many places than previously confirmed by tests.

In the United States So far, according to Johns Hopkins, have been due to lung disease Covid-19 more than 1100 deaths reported. So far, more than 8,000 deaths have been reported for Italy and more than 3,000 for China. The US researchers’ website is regularly updated with incoming data and therefore usually shows a higher level of confirmed infections than the official figures from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Corona crisis in the USA: deaths in the state of New York rise rapidly – temporary morgue erected

Update, 7.30 p.m .: New Yorks governor Andrew Cuomo looks in the Corona virus crisis no early easing of US exit restrictions. “This is not a sprint, this is a marathon. It won’t go away quickly, ”he said at his daily press conference. The governor described the rapidly increasing number of “bad news” Fatality in the State New York. This is compared to the previous day by 100 to a total 385 has grown – and the numbers are likely to continue to rise.

From now more than 37,000 documented cases in State New York there are more than 5000 people in the hospital. According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of people killed by the virus is over 1,000 nationwide.

Given the rising Totals was in Manhattan already one provisional Mortuary built. The white tents were set up outside the Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan.

New Yorks governor Andrew Cuomo also reported on Progress in the provision of ventilators for the seriously ill. They are working on the fact that the machines could also be used by two patients at the same time, instead of only one, so far.

Corona in the USA: customer coughs up food in a supermarket – high damage

Update, 5:28 p.m .: in the U.S. state Pennsylvania coughed one customer on Wednesday (March 25th) in one Supermarket targeted goods. The business in Hanover Township said it had to throw away products worth around $ 35,000 – for fear of Corona virus.

The woman should have wanted to take a very strange trick, wrote the Co-owner of Store, Joe Fasula, on Facebook. “We had no choice but to throw away all the products she came in contact with.”

Fasula explained that more than 15 employees were involved in the cleanup. “Although we don’t think that woman really infected, every effort is made to ensure that it is tested. ”The supermarket also switched on the police a. The local police department said the woman was examined for her mental health in a hospital. Against them display refunded.

Corona in the USA: Well-known TV chef dies suddenly from Covid-19 – unemployment figure explodes

Update at 2.30 p.m .: The number of initial jobless claims has exploded in the United States. In the past few weeks, around 3.3 million US citizens have submitted an initial application, the Department of Labor said. That is a tenfold increase in value compared to the previous week.

Corona in the USA: prominent TV chef dies from the consequences of Covid-19

Update at 13:59: Covid-19 has in the United States on Wednesday prominent victim required: TV chef Floyd Cardoz has died of the consequences of the new lung disease. He had his fans over the past week Instagram informed himself that he was admitted to a New York hospital with a high fever. A short time later it became known that the TV chef, mainly due to his victory on the American cooking show “Top Chef Masters” was known to have been infected with the coronavirus.

Cardoz probably got infected during one Stay in Mumbai, India with the virus. In Mumbai he had together with the Comedian Aziz Ansari the second season of the Netflix series “Ugly Delicious” turned. Fans and colleagues are now mourning the TV chef, who was afraid of spreading panic unnecessarily shortly before his death. He even apologized to his followers for this.

Update at 12.53 p.m .: Because of the increasing number of Covid-19 diseases in the United States and the Shortage of respirators, Gloves and protective clothing received one Los Angeles Hospital now donate from an unexpected source. The producers of the series “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Seattle Firefighters” (in the American original “Station 19”) have meanwhile stopped filming the popular TV series, but recently they have become active again and have collected props that are now in high demand and are of vital importance more than ever.

On Trucks full of aid donations such as respirators, gloves, and protective clothing was put on one Delivered to Los Angeles University Hospitalthe broadcaster reported ABC11. On this occasion, the doctor emphasized Kimberly Shemanski, how important such articles are to protect doctors and helpers from being infected with the corona virus. In many places, helpers in the USA also complain about bottlenecks in the supply of the necessary aids.

Corona in the USA: More than 69,000 infected – the countries are now in third place worldwide

Update at 10.43 a.m .: Already on Thursday morning (CET) the number of Corona deaths in the United States exceeded the 1000 mark. Meanwhile, the Johns Hopkins University reported overall 1046 deaths, of which 280 cases were registered in the New York area. The number of Covid-19 infections was included on Monday morning 69,197. This means that the United States has the third most infections worldwide after China and Italy. Spain ranks fourth and fifth with 49,515 and Germany with 37,323 corona infections.

Update from March 26, 2020, 5:14 a.m .: In the United States has the number of through that Corona virus killed on Wednesday the mark of 1000 exceeded. That goes from data of Johns Hopkins University forth. Accordingly, more than 1030 people have now diedCovid-19. More than 68,500 infected people have been confirmed. Only China and Italy have so far registered more infected people. new York is the US city with the most casualties – 280 deaths were counted here alone. Far-reaching curfews apply to the cultural and economic center. Restaurants, bars, schools, museums and Broadway shows are closed.

Corona in the United States: death toll rises rapidly – Trump advises medication, man dies

Update from March 25, 6:14 p.m .: The number of in United States with the virus infected people increases dramatically. 193 people died in the last 24 hours from the consequences of the viral disease.

The number of infected people in the United States increased by another 10,000 to around 54,453 people.

Corona virus in the US: does Trump personally benefit from his own rescue package?

Update from March 25, 6:09 p.m .: The U.S. government recently passed one Corona rescue packageto help companies in the current crisis. The hotel industry affected by the corona virus * also benefits from the rescue package – with one exception. For the US President’s Hotel Empire Donald Trump it should not apply.

president Donald Trump * caused a sensation recently, because he could personally benefit from the new US $ 200 billion rescue package. $ 500 billion from the Package of measures are therefore intended for affected groups. However, Trump’s hotel chain is not supposed to receive state aid.

Corona crisis in the US: Democrats put a stop to Trump

The opposition Democrats implement a corresponding regulation. This states that companies owned by the President or key government officials and parliamentarians no access to the Aid Loans should get. “Those of us who write the law shouldn’t benefit from the law,” Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer summed up the rule.

However, Trump’s group may benefit from other parts of the aid package, according to the New York Times. The US President * still left openwhether he would accept the help: “Let’s just see what happens,” Trump said. He also complained that no one thanked him for being on Presidential salary of $ 450,000 a year. To classify: In 2018 Trump alone took more than with his companies $ 430 million one, that is, a thousand times his salary.

Critics now accuse Trump of easing measures in the fight against this in their own interest Corona virus to throb. The US president recently advocated easing until Easter and warned of one Economic crisis by the standstill, which should have worse consequences than the pandemic itself.

Corona crisis in the USA: Marines were tested positive

Update at 11.35 a.m .: In the United States three marines positively the Corona virus tested. All infected were on the Aircraft carrier “USS Theodore Roosevelt” and have since been brought on board, Acting Marine Secretary of State Thomas B. Modly said in Washington on Tuesday. The ship has a total of more than 5000 crew members. All contact persons for those infected with Covid 19 were quarantined.

Update 10:31 a.m .: Around the New York City Another source of fire in the American corona crisis is emerging. 60 percent of new infections in the United States come from the Greater New YorkVice President Mike Pence said Tuesday night at the White House. He called on the city’s residents to quarantine if they had previously left the city. “We have to consider the greater New York City area as a high-risk area.”

Corona crisis in the USA: infection rate in the New York area at 1 in 1000

The Infection rate is 1 in 1000 in the New York metropolitan area, five to ten times higher than in other crisis regions such as California on the west coast or in the state of Washington.

Update from March 25, 2020, 5.34 a.m .: In the United States is now for the first time underage person through the consequences of the novel lung disease Covid-19 died. The affected teenager from Lancaster north of los Angeles was in “good health” before he got the virus, said Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles, on Tuesday. The authorities have so far not given any information on the exact age and gender of the deceased minor.

Garcetti and other officials appealed to the young people in California who are currently in force Take exit restrictions seriously. “This can also affect you,” Garcetti warned, looking at the corona virus. Los Angeles chief health official Barbara Ferrer said the pathogen “makes no difference in age, race, or income level.”

Corona crisis in the USA: risk for infected people increases with age

However, some studies show that the novel Pathogens particularly dangerous for older people and people with previous illnesses is. A recent report from the CDC said the risk of severe coronavirus disease and death “increases with age in the United States.”

Out China, the country most affected by the pandemic to date, are currently only two deaths among minors known. One child was suffering from one Pre-existing condition, nothing was publicly known about the exact causes of death of the other child.

Update from March 24, 2020, 6.45 p.m .: The governor of the US state of New York, Andrew Cuomo, sounds the alarm. In the east coast state, the number of infections rose rapidly, they were “worrying and astronomical”. A “dramatic increase” to over 25,000 confirmed cases of the corona virus * has occurred in the past few days. The figures doubled every three days, and official resources had already been exhausted with the initial restrictions.

Corona crisis in the United States: New York State hardest hit

The high point could be reached in two to three weeks, according to the governor, until then about 140,000 beds needed in cities. Cuomo now wants dormitories from universities or hotels to hospitals repurpose. “I’m going to turn this state upside down,” Cuomo announced. He also asked the government for ventilators, of which 30,000 are needed. The state currently has 7,000.

Cuomo referred to US President Donald Trump and its statements about an early economic recovery and an end to the existing restrictions. “No American will say, ‘Bring the economy for the loss of Human life going ‘, said the governor.

new York the metropolis of the same name is by far the hardest hit by the crisis. The numbers and infections are far higher than in any other US state. So far, the authorities have killed over 100 people in a row as a result of the virus. New York residents should stay at home as much as possible. In addition, restaurants, bars, schools, museums and Broadway shows are closed.

The corona restrictions largely paralyze life in Germany. But how long will the coronavirus measures be maintained?

Corona crisis in the US: Trump hopes for malaria drug – couple from Arizona with fatal consequences

Update at 2:14 p.m .: The world is hoping for one drug against that Corona virus. President Donald Trump this hope fueled something when he said about the approved malariadrug Cloroquin * said, “It would be a gift from God if that would work ”.

It is tragic that the malaria drug is named after the active ingredient cloroquin. This active ingredient is also used in a chemical cleaning agent for aquariums. For fear of infection – and due to the identical name – a couple from Arizona took the aquarium cleaning tablets against the corona virus as a precaution. Both had no symptoms. After taking the 68-year-old man died – his wife had to be hospitalized. The NBC reports.

According to the report, both felt sick 20 minutes after taking the drug. The emergency doctor came too late for the man – he died of poisoning.

Corona crisis in the US: secret emergency plan around Trump has emerged – US politicians with absurd demand

Update at 1:14 p.m .: in the Fighting the corona virus the US government now wants to take action against citizens having large amounts Hoard protective masks or disinfectantsto then resell them overpriced. president Donald Trump said on Monday at the White House in Washington that he had signed an order to prohibit and punish such behavior.

Corona crisis in the US: Trump wants to take action against hoarding protective masks

Accordingly, certain medical products should be official classified as scarce goods become. Such critical products are then prohibited from hoarding them in large quantities and reselling them at exorbitant prices. Nobody should take advantage of the current plight of the Americans, Trump emphasized.

So far, however, products have not yet been classified in the new category, US Secretary of Justice William Barr reported. However, initial investigations in this area have already started. If you have a large supply of toilet paper at home, you don’t have to worry. “But if you’re sitting in a warehouse with surgical masks, we’ll knock on your door,” Barr announced.

Corona crisis in the US: Texan Vice Governor makes absurd demand

A thesis that is certainly extremely controversial Dan Patrick, Vice Governor of Texas, expressed in connection with the Corona crisis. He believes that it could not be that Economy to the corona crisissaid the politician, according to a report from Spiegel.dewho relies on a television interview with Fox News. Patrick thinks that there is at least a need to discuss whether the older citizens should not be sacrificed. “I think there is out there many grandparents like me, I have six grandchildren. I don’t want the whole country to be sacrificed“Said the Texas Vice Governor.

Nobody asked him as an older citizen if he would risk his life in exchange for the America that everyone would love. He himself is ready to give his life. It is extremely questionable whether many other older citizens see it the same way.

First message from March 24, 2020: Washington – That Corona virus is spreading at a rapid pace in the US *. According to current figures of John Hopkins University there are currently more than 46,000 infected and 593 deaths in the United States (as of March 24, 10 a.m.).

Corona crisis in the US: emergency plans come into effect if Trump becomes infected with Covid-19

US President Donald Trump * has also had contact with corona quarantine * cases – a first one Covid 19 test fell with him however negative out. If Trump is still infected and becomes more seriously ill, the US military has become explosive Contingency plans worked out. They are also said to be used when the virus cripples Congress or the Supreme Court. First, the US portal Newsweek reported about these plans.

As a result, the plans draw both Washington evacuation as well as the possibility of military officials temporarily governing from quarantine. According to a senior officer in the reports, the original contingency planning was made after the September 11 discarded. The officer also revealed what the new plan would look like: General Terrence J. O’Shughnessy, the “commander of the combatants” for the United States, should take the lead in the country if the highest government members at the Lung disease Covid-19 would fall ill.

The general is a 55-year-old command pilot from Canada who moved to the United States at the age of four. He is currently the commander of the Northcom Military Authoritywhich was founded after September 11, 2001. Before that, he was Vice-Commander of the United Nations in Korea.

Read also: You should pay attention to this in hand hygiene * in order to protect yourself as well as possible from the corona virus.

Corona crisis in the US: Military commanders can even declare martial law

What legitimizes the U.S. military’s emergency plans: According to the regulations of the Department of Defense from 2018 can Military commanders decide on your own in an emergency, temporarily military control to take over if the President’s approval is impossible or if the local authorities can no longer control the situation. Even that Martial law could declare military commanders, but only on the condition that civil rule be restored as soon as possible.

In fact, the military government only has to intervene in very specific cases: if one Nuclear weapon is fired at an American city or when Citizens seek shelter in American cities and fight over food. A third possible reason for the military to intervene is the complete evacuation of Washington. So far, all three events are unlikely – and the same applies to a temporary takeover by the US military. But it would be possible.

If the military has to intervene, it should Secretary of Defense Mark T. Esper In early February, the Northcom agency began developing nationwide Pandemic plans have applied. Newsweek there are seven secret plans, three of which revolve around traffic. They are said to be the government and the whole White House during the evacuation and the Operation of alternative locations support from.

Corona crisis in the United States: The three military emergency plans at a glance

  • 1. “Rescue & Evacuation of the Occupants of the Executive Mansion” (RESEM): The plan describes the rescue and evacuation of the so-called “Executive Mansion”, which is responsible for the protection of Trump *, Vice President Mike Pence and the families of the two.
  • 2. “Joint Emergency Evacuation Plan” (JEEP): This involves transporting the Secretary of Defense and other security leaders to leave the Washington area.
  • 3. “Atlas”: This plan outlines how non-military leaders (such as congressional leaders and the Supreme Court) are transferred to their emergency locations. A secret bunker is activated and cordoned off, and government operations would also be relocated to the US state of Maryland.

Be in three more plans Military units in Washington DC, North Carolina and in East of Maryland called to defend government operations in the event of a total failure. A seventh plan deals with extraordinary missions related to weapons of mass destruction, writes

Corona crisis in the United States: curfews hit 80 million Americans

Fortunately, while the US military’s emergency plans have so far been a dream of the future, some measures are being taken to contain the Coronavirus spread already. For example 80 million Americans, and thus almost a quarter of the American population, of more or less strict Curfews affected. Such restrictions existed in California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Illinois.

But Trump also recently hinted that he would soon be loosening many of the restrictions. The reason for this is probably his concern about the consequences of the corona measures for the American economy *. “We cannot allow the cure to be worse than the problem,” Trump announced on Twitter, among other things.

Also read: This king currently resides in Garmisch-Partenkirchen – and even got an exceptional permit from the authorities. Has also Greta Thunberg a coronavirus infection? On Instagram it describes symptoms of illness. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus.

* and are part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

* In an earlier version of this article, we wrote that an Arizona couple died of a drug after President Donald Trump recommended it. This is not correct. Bei Trumps Empfehlung handelt es sich um ein Medikament, das nach einem Wirkstoff benannt ist, der auch zur Reinigung von Aquarien verwendet wird. Das Paar hatte das Aquarium-Reinigungsmittel eingenommen und ist daran schwer erkrankt, der Mann infolge gestorben.


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