Experts believe the number of new corona infections in the United States could increase dramatically. President Trump does not want to move away from his theory.

Update from May 8, 6:47 a.m .: US president Donald Trump Has China again for the outbreak the Coronavirus pandemic blamed and accused of incompetence. “It could have been stopped right at the source. It would have been easy, ”Trump said Thursday (local time) at the White House in Washington regarding the virus. “But something happened.” When asked about his allegations that the pandemic originated in a research laboratory in the Chinese city

Wuhan Taken, Trump said, “a terrible mistake” may have happened.

“It was probably incompetence, someone was stupid,” Trump conjectured. With regard to China, he complained: “They did not do the job they should have done.” This was unfortunate and had caused the virus to spread worldwide.

Trump has claimed several times that he has evidence that the virus came from that laboratory in Wuhan. So far, however, it has not become more concrete. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also said over the weekend that there was significant evidence that the laboratory crisis had started. When asked, he said that he should not comment on details.

Corona in the US: White House employee infected – he works in Trump’s close environment

Update from May 7, 6:37 p.m .: That too White House in Washingto
n D.C
. now reports a corona case. A member of the U.S. military who works in the President’s office has been positive for the novel Corona virus tested. However, as a spokesman said, there is no danger for President Trump himself: “The president and the vice president have since been tested negative for the virus and are still in good health”

The CNN television station reported that it was a member of a military unit assigned to the White House and working in the close vicinity of the President and his family.

Corona in the USA: Trump defends himself after visiting without a mask: “I was in the factory …”

Update from May 7, 3:59 p.m .: How is the coronavirus pandemic evolving? A group of US researchers has been working on this question – and has developed three possible scenarios.

Update from May 7th, 10.07am: According to a newspaper report, the Trump administration has criticized Germany for stopping its payments to World Health Organization (WHO) rejected in sharp form. “Our top priority is protecting life, non-publicity gestures and petty politics,” it says aloud Süddeutscher Zeitung (SZ) in a reply from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to his German colleagues Heiko Maas (SPD).

What is needed is “functioning, reliable global institutions, and non-dysfunctional, inept bureaucracies that bow to the Chinese Communist Party at the cost of human lives,” Pompeo wrote, according to the report. At one point in the letter it said: “We are counting on you, Heiko, to lead this fight for freedom with us.”

Corona in the US: Pompeo remains with WHO criticism

Maas was loud SZ In a letter to Pompeo in mid-April, “emphatically” asked to “consider” the consequences of the payment freeze. Pompeo has now confirmed the US criticism of the WHO. At the same time, he emphasized that the United States continued to see “deeply committed” to international cooperation in the fight against the corona pandemic. US President Donald Trump had mid-April to stop payments to WHO with “mismanagement” and one-sidedness in favor of the organization China justified.

Images of Trump without an anti-corona mask cause irritation

Meanwhile, there is some media criticism in the US that Trump is visiting one Respirator mask factory in Arizona without Mouth-nose protection was seen. It is a requirement for the employees there. In Germany, meanwhile, the Ministry of Health has been criticized for delivering defective protective masks.

Trump denied the allegations on Wednesday, among other things CNN reported. CNN According to him, he insisted that he wore a mask during the appointment, only “when the cameras were there” not. “I was wearing them backstage. But I was told in the factory that I wouldn’t need a mask, so I didn’t need it, ”quoted CNN the US president.

CNN According to the company, Trump actually allowed the building without them Corona protective measure to visit. There are pictures circulating on Twitter to show the incident:

Corona in the USA: Trump makes U-turn – New plans for Corona task force

Update from May 7, 7:36 a.m .: The United States is currently hardest hit by the Corona crisis. According to Johns Hopkins University indicators, with 1,228,603 infections reported, approximately one third of the 3,755,379 cases worldwide are still in the United States. US President Donald Trump meanwhile explains on Twitter a US success in the coronavirus pandemic. The United States is so well equipped with ventilators that it helps other countries that are “desperate”. The US is also testing “more than all other countries combined,” Trump said on Twitter.

The Corona Task ForceTrump wants to hold on to, should focus on “security” and “open our country again,” Trump writes via short message service.

73,431 people are in the United States previously died from the consequences of coronavirus infection.

Corona in the USA: Trump makes U-turn – New plans for Corona task force

Update Wednesday, May 6, 8:37 p.m .: U-turn in the US government’s Corona course: President Donald Trump now wants to stick to the White House Task Force on the Corona Crisis – but in a modified form. Trump wrote on Twitter on Wednesday that the working group had done a “fantastic job” and would therefore continue to work indefinitely. In addition to vaccines and treatment options, the focus is primarily on safety and one Return to normal operation lying in the country. Trump announced that there might be changes in the working group’s membership. But he did not become more specific.

Corona in the United States: task force is apparently not supposed to be disbanded – but possibly staffed again

Previously had US Vice President Mike Pencewho leads the group declares one check the resolution of the round. This could take place in late May or early June and is a sign of “enormous progress” in the fight against Corona. U.S. President Trump, on the other hand, had announced during a visit to the state of Arizona that Working group should be replaced by a new teamthat focuses on safely reopening the economy. However, he received criticism for this. In Trump’s tweet, however, it remained open whether the change in the previous format practically amounts to the creation of a completely new team composition.

And also in the state new York there was a change of direction: actually Democratic presidential primaries canceled are supposed to be there now take place. On Tuesday, a federal court ordered the elections to be held. The reason: These are in the “public interest”. New York’s electoral authority canceled the June presidential election due to the corona pandemic. Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang went to court against this decision and argued, among other things, that a rejection of the election violated democratic principles.

Corona in the US: Trump advocates a rapid revival of the US economy

Update Wednesday, May 6, 11:15 a.m .: US president Donald Trump has again pleaded for a rapid recovery in the economy of his country. “Everything is not yet perfect in the fight against the corona virus,” Trump said on Tuesday when he visited a factory for respiratory masks in the US state of Arizona. “But we have to open our country and we have to open it soon.” Trump has repeatedly expressed his impatience with the corona restrictions that have resulted in a substantial decline in economic activity. Half a year before the presidential election, he wants a return to normal as quickly as possible.

On ABC News, however, Trump admitted that the economy would reopen can lead to loss of life. This is “possible,” he said. In the United States, the decision about corona measures is largely in the hands of the states and counties. Some states have the restrictions have already been relaxed.

United States Vice President: Government Examines Corona Working Group

Update, 8:04 p.m .: The US government is investigating, according to Vice President Mike Pence the dissolution of the high-ranking Coronavirus Working Group in the White House. This could happen in late May or early June and is a sign of “enormous progress” in the fight against the novel corona virus, said Pence on Tuesday. If the group he led were dissolved, the authorities involved, including civil protection (Fema), would take the lead, said Pence. One of the purposes of the Corona Task Force was to mobilize the necessary government agencies and coordinate their actions.

New York governor criticizes state opening too quickly

Update, 8:04 p.m .: After it became known that US forecasts in the Corona crisis had been significantly revised upwards New York Governor Andrew Cuomo criticized the too rapid opening of states. “The more people in contact with other people, the higher the infection rate from the virus. The more people become infected, the more people dieCuomo said at his daily press conference on Tuesday. This is the reason for the drastically higher forecasts. “If we open quickly, it has a price.”

Previously there were two new ones Calculation models for the course of the pandemic in the United States, which assume a significant increase in deaths due to the opening of some states. The IHME institute is now expecting the number of deaths to rise from around 69,000 at the end of the month to around 110,000. Only from the end of July should the number of victims stabilize at around 134,000. Just a few weeks ago, the university assumed that a plateau would be reached in midsummer with around 90,000 deaths. Despite this looming escalation, US President Donald Trump, like some governors, is pressing for a quick reopening of the suffering economy.

The particularly hard-hit state of New York had a plan for Monday Opening up the economy and society in several phases submitted. First of all, some shops and production facilities should be allowed to reopen under strict conditions, and construction work may also be resumed. Financial and insurance services and the rest of the shops will follow in phase two. After that, restaurants and hotels and, at the very end, places for art, entertainment and recreation as well as educational institutions should reopen.

Corona in the US: Trump presents risky plan – despite sinister prediction

Update, 4:30 p.m.: Despite some models that predict a worsening of the pandemic situation in the United States, the restrictions in some states will be relaxed again – because that too economy suffers massively. In Florida, Utah, South Carolina and Texas For example, the restaurants are allowed to reopen under certain conditions; among other things, they are only allowed to serve a quarter of the normal number of guests.

Ocean City, Maryland – a popular tourist destination in the United States during exit restrictions

© AFP / Samuel Co rum

US President Donald Trump, who has been mostly in the White House since the pandemic broke out, wants to resume his travels through the country. Among other things, he wants a factory in on Tuesday Arizona visit in the Respirators getting produced.

Corona in the USA: Experts counter crude Pompeo theory

Update, 2:11 p.m .: As “highly unlikely“Western diplomats have classified the theory of the development of the corona virus in a laboratory. A Secret Service Alliance the USA with Great Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand contradicts the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The weekend had spoken to the US broadcaster ABC of “significant evidence” for a laboratory accident.

Corona in the USA: health agency with sinister prediction

First registration from May 5th, 12.06: New York – The United States is by far the hardest of the Corona pandemic* affected country in the world. Could be the number of Deaths in connection with SARS-CoV-2* on 3000 a day increase? According to an internal forecast by the United States Health Department CDC Yes.

Corona in the US: Study reveals frightening numbers

It calculates that the number of daily
New infections could rise eightfold by the beginning of June 200,000. Both report that New York Times as well as the Washington Post.

The current number of approximately 69,000 US corona deaths recorded could double by that time. The prognosis is therefore darker than that of the president Donald Trump * created corona crisis team *.

Corona virus in the US: Trump had predicted the number of victims – it has already been exceeded

The White House tried to put the CDC forecast into perspective. It was an “internal” document that was not coordinated with other authorities and was not submitted to the crisis team.

Only recently Trump had predicted a death toll of around 60,000 – which has now been significantly exceeded, as he had to admit a few days ago. The Washington Post tweeted now: “Trump repeatedly announces corona deaths, which are then exceeded.”

Corona forecast for the United States: states too fast in easing

According to the reports, the CDC bases its forecast on the fact that some States and districts would not have taken anti-corona measures quickly enough – or too quickly now corona
Loosening be.

Trump himself is pushing for the return to normality and the revival of the US economy * as quickly as possible in the 2020 election year. His government has presented a three-stage plan for this, but it is only a recommendation. The states handle these guidelines very differently.

Many people in the United States speculate about the death of a doctor and researcher: he was shot shortly before the breakthrough in coronavirus research.

frs with AFP material

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

Rubric list image: © dpa / Alex Brandon

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