Coronavirus Vaccine: COVID: 40 thousand Colombians would participate in the study of new vaccines | 6AM Today through Today

Julio Cesar Aldana, Director of Invima, I speak in 6AM Today For Today on the study of two vaccines against COVID-19, taking into account that there would be 40 thousand Colombian volunteers.

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“The study aims to recruit 120 thousand volunteers around the world, Colombia among them with 40 thousand. It’s two pharmaceutical companies, one of those is a new DNA and protein technology. The vaccine joins the 5 studies in Colombia and helps with a grain of sand, “he said.

And he added: “Yesterday the clinical trial protocol was approved, you can start immediately. The institution of the ColSanitas Clinic is the one authorized, although it will not be the only one, and there will be recruitment of volunteers. It is expected that in 15 months it will be possible to close results and obtain data on security and guarantees “.

Finally, he mentioned that the vRussian Sputnik it is still in dialogues and has not yet been approved for use in the country.

The Sputnik vaccine is in a long process... not only in Colombia. We are receiving information and we have made requests on sensitive topics in that scientific data. We are in this process of dialogue, exchanging information to see if at any moment the health agency can deliver this authorization, “he concluded.

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