World Coronavirus: What are the 16 countries that do not...

Coronavirus: What are the 16 countries that do not register cases of the disease?

Most of the countries where the virus has not yet spread are islands with few inhabitants, such as Samoa, located in Oceania

With more than 81,000 deaths, the coronavirus pandemic has stopped almost the entire world. Isolation in many countries is compulsory and the progression of the disease is frightening and alert to everyone. And, although it spreads fast, there are some corners of the Earth where it has not yet reached.

Of the 194 countries on the planet, only 16 are still free of the disease. Most of them are small islands, in fact, seven of them are among the ten least visited places in the world, according to the UN. And this is not a minor fact, if we consider the role that the flow of tourists played in the spread of infections.

Still, according to experts, some of all those countries are likely to have cases, but have not reported them officially.

Countries exempt from the pandemic:

Comoros: It is a group of three islands in southern Africa, near Madagascar. Less than a million people live, the majority in poverty.

North Korea: In Asia, the country with more than 25 million inhabitants is governed by a dictatorship that imposes absolute control over public information. With this, the official data can be suspected.

Federated States of Micronesia: 607 small islands near the Marshall Islands, in the Pacific.

Marshall Islands: there are 24 small islands, in the Pacific Ocean, with less than 100,000 inhabitants.

Solomon Islands: a country made up of 990 islands in the Pacific, with 642,000 people.

Lesotho: It is a landlocked kingdom, nestled in South Africa. The Africa News site confirmed that it does not record detected cases.

More than 2,000,000 people live in the country.

Nauru: an island state of Micronesia, with 13,649 inhabitants in 2017, Palau: another island state part of Micronesia. It had 21,729 inhabitants in 2017.Samoa: It is a country formed by two Polynesian islands, in the Pacific Ocean, with about 200,000 inhabitants.

São Tomé and Príncipe: they are islands in the Gulf of Guinea of ​​the Atlantic Ocean.

It has less than 200,000 people living in that region.

Tajikistan: a country that borders China and has no reported cases. Even, soccer is played and it had a champion.

Tonga: A Polynesian kingdom of 177 islands, with just over 110,000 people.

Turkmenistan: It is an Asian country that borders Iran, one of the most affected.

The government assures that there is no contagion, but it is prohibited to mention the word coronavirus and whoever uses a mask can be arrested.

Tuvalu: Country of nine islands and less than 12,000 inhabitants, located in Polynesia.

Vanuatu: a country of several islands located in the South Pacific, with less than 270,000 inhabitants.

Yemen: Arab country that borders the Persian Gulf. It has more than 25 million inhabitants, but the lack of public liberties raises suspicions of the official data.



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