CORONAVIRUS. With 62 new cases, the epidemic is on the rise in Guadeloupe

62 new cases were registered with us, from July 25 to 31, according to the weekly situation update of the ARS, made public this Friday. In addition to the cases linked to the recently identified cluster and those imported, five cases are indigenous. This proves that the virus continues to circulate more than ever in our archipelago.

The ARS weekly situation update has just fallen. From July 25 to 31, 62 new cases were recorded in our archipelago, bringing to 265 the number of cumulative cases of coronavirus confirmed by PCR tests in Guadeloupe.

The Regional Health Agency indicates that the identification is continuing. Among these new cases, 18 are directly linked to the appearance of the July 27 cluster, five cases are indigenous, 11 secondary and 12 cases are imported from Guyana, Martinique and France (with a conversion of negative cases on arrival then positive on D + 7).

The Riposte covid-19 platform, in conjunction with health insurance partners (CGSS) and public health France, is carrying out considerable investigative work. This has already made it possible to identify to date, 380 contacts. The number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 may therefore increase.
If you have been in contact with people from the cluster, isolate yourself and get tested with or without symptoms (free test, without a prescription and with an appointment made with the laboratories).

Since Saturday, July 25, 1,768 additional tests have been carried out in town and at the hospital, with a total number of 17,003 tests carried out in the territory. 179 people are declared cured by infectious disease specialists.

However, these figures are particularly worrying. If Guadeloupe is still below the alert threshold and remains green, they show active viral circulation. In addition, the virus reproduction factor (R) – which represents the average number of people that an infected person can infect – is 3.8, a sign of a certain relaxation in compliance with barrier measures.

The virus does not take a vacation. It is essential for everyone to remain cautious and to respect health measures, in particular the wearing of masks in closed public places. This is the only way to protect ourselves, but also to protect our elders and our families during family gatherings.

Screening campaigns in the municipalities

Screening campaigns are currently organized in Guadeloupe and will begin in the communes from next week, in collaboration with the municipalities.
In particular, a call for candidates was launched to extend the field of samplers (firefighters, nurses, etc.). The regional unions of health professionals (URPS) nurses and laboratories were also contacted to increase the number of screening points in the territory.

• To allow the organization of evenings in optimal health security conditions, the prefecture’s services support the organizers upstream to ensure full compliance with the regulatory and health measures in force.
After a first meeting with representatives of groups of entertainment producers in the archipelago, a charter is being drawn up. This common good practice tool will enable professionals to work in compliance with safety and hygiene standards.

• The municipalities have until the beginning of August to submit their application and benefit from the local investment support grant (DSIL). The latter will allow them toundertake work to bring school premises into conformity with the recommendations of the sanitary protocol.


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