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Coronavirus: Yes, these photos are from this Saturday in California. We explain why | Univision 34 Los Angeles KMEX

The “Safer at Home” measure and the closure of public areas has helped contain coronavirus infections in the state, which was expected to become the epicenter of the pandemic after New York.

However, given the alert of the arrival of the first heat wave, with maximum temperatures above 90 degrees, when the average for April is 70, the authorities of the county in the south of the state considered reopening the beaches and parks so that their residents could escape from high temperatures.

Until now, there is no known reaction from the local government to the avalanche of people that congregated on Saturday, nor is it known whether they will have to close the coastal area again.

Although they claimed to be vigilant to the observance of the distance rule between visitors to the coasts, the images show crowds where it is clearly difficult to keep the recommended distance in times of the pandemic.

Coronaviruses: Ignore social distance rule and flock to this California beach

On the other hand, the authorities of the county of Orange assure that the public parkings of the beaches are closed, the services limited and they reiterated to visitors that they would not be welcome to their coasts. However, hundreds of people from neighboring counties did not resist the temptation to visit the area and enjoy one of California’s main attractions, its beaches.

Health authorities in other counties recommend their residents avoid exposures to large groups, since the potency of contagion from the coronavirus has not decreased and it only takes one person to cause an escalation of covid-19 infections that puts the level at risk. response of the state health system.

While Los Angeles’ beaches remain empty, other counties receive dozens of visitors


Useful information about coronavirus

  • Guide to the Mandatory Stay-at-Home Order and Essential Jobs Permitted in Los Angeles County.
  • If you have traveled outside the country, please call 311 or 213-473-3231 if you are outside the city limits or visit the page to find information on the need to isolate yourself .
  • Call your doctor or 311 if you have COVID-19 symptoms, such as: fever, cough, shortness of breath, and other breathing-related problems.
  • Community members with urgent needs or symptoms of COVID-19 in Los Angeles can call 311 to find information and a phone book.
  • If you are over 65 and need assistance with questions and special resources, contact 311.
  • More information about the tests visit
  • If you are a worker affected by the coronavirus crisis, we tell you how to apply to the California aid program or visit the page of the Department of Employment Development (EDD).
  • If you feel stressed, depressed, or anxious and need to speak to someone, call 800- 854 7771 or text “LA” to 741741.

More information published by Univision about COVID-19 is available here.


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