Due to internet problems, the first day of allegations in the Third Criminal Oral Trial Court of Santiago was suspended against defendants for the crimes of bribery, tax crimes and tax fraud in the so-called Corpesca case.

The hearing started well, but after almost an hour, it had to be postponed to this Tuesday at 9 o’clock because one of the intervening parties had connection problems.

It was one of the magistrates, who could not follow the hearing normally.

The Corpesca case is one of the most noisy processes of irregularities in the financing of politics or corruption in recent times. In fact, he is one of the few that has reached oral trials.

According to the indictment of the North Central Prosecutor’s Office, the former UDI senator, Jaime Orpis, who is formalized for bribery, tax crimes and tax fraud, would have received more than 233 million pesos from Corpesca in exchange for favoring his interests in The congress. For this crime, he risks 21 years in prison. His former adviser, Raúl Fernando Lobos, also appears, since he is accused of fraud to the Treasury.

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