Corpses of COVID-19 patients Can it spread the infection or not? And how do relatives act – THE STANDARD

People infected with COVID-19 With severe symptoms until death Died alone under life-saving devices suspended in ICU due to COVID-19. It is a highly contagious and severe disease. Therefore doctors were unable to let relatives go in and look at the patient’s last moments

What relatives can do is to perform religious rituals. In the context of Buddhism Relatives can organize a funeral to make merit and dedicate to the deceased. And those involved can hold the ceremony without worrying about the transmission of the death for two reasons:

  • COVID-19 It is in the secretions of the patient, such as saliva, mucus, and phlegm can enter the body in 2 channels: inhalation and contact with the conjunctiva / nose.
  • Before leaving the hospital The bodies are then packed in a double waterproof zip bag and cleaned on the outside of the bag. The secretions are not contaminated.

When filling the body with a bag in the coffin And close the lid of the coffin tightly Relatives can be safely taken to perform religious rituals. Which cremation or burial will not cause transmission But the Ministry of Public Health has recommendations for relatives of the deceased and religious practitioners as follows:

  • The corpse bag can be touched outside by wearing a single layer of disposable rubber gloves. And wear a mask But it is not advisable to touch the corpse bag unnecessarily.
  • Do not open the body bag to see the corpse, water the corpse, clean the corpse. Change clothes Infusion of corpse treatment Or perform other religious ceremonies
  • Able to set up the body for religious ceremonies By packing a funeral bag in a cool coffin But it is advisable to cremate or bury the body as soon as possible. Because the corpse was not injecting liquid to maintain the condition
  • Cool coffin and other accessories In contact with the corpse bag can be reused By wiping clean with bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite 0.1%)
  • COVID-19 Not spread through smoke from cremation And relatives were able to collect the ashes normally Because the infection has been destroyed by a high temperature already

If relatives and related persons follow all instructions correctly People infected with COVID-19 The dead cannot infect others. And when the religious ceremony is held, the relatives’ minds cannot feel that their relatives have died in isolation.

Illustration: Phichamon Wannasarn

Proofread: Chan Net Loi Garuda


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