Corruption, poisoning, purchase of the Champions League: this French journalist goes crazy and lights up OM (video)

Gregory Schneider was back last night on the set of L’Equipe du Soir. The French journalist, in place at Liberation, was invited on the set to discuss the news of French football and was therefore logically interested in the arrival of Alexis Sanchez. Arriving in Marseille, the striker described OM as “biggest club in France” during his presentation.

This qualification, Schneider does not accept. On the set, he suddenly changed his tone, deciding to return to a legal episode dating from 1993, when OM had been demoted to D2 after major lawsuits. It was that year that the club won the Champions League, the only one in its history. “I cannot accept that we put the label of the greatest Frenchman on a club which has done this to football. They have corrupted opponents, poisoned opponents, corrupted referees, bought a Champions League. Me, I don’t can’t admit it”launched the journalist, taken up by his colleagues on the legal scope of his remarks.

“Proof or not, ask Emmanuel Petit and Arsene Wenger what they think of it. Until the end, I will think that. I am not saying that they bought it, I am saying that it has no value. In any case, in my eyes it has none. These are only my words, but who is being fooled here? At some point, you still have to realize. You realize what they have done in football?”he then continued.

Charges that do not please OM. The director of communication of the Marseille club has notably reacted since. “Dear Grégory Schneider, your comments this evening are insulting to OM. When a journalist has no proof, he puts forward the argument of personal conviction and lets hatred and jealousy spread. Your venom is so visible”wrote Jacques Cardoze.

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Words that could well have legal consequences in the future, when UEFA had dismissed the case in 1993.

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