Costa Rica closes its embassy and consulate general in Venezuela

He Government of Costa Rica reported on Wednesday the closure of its embassy and consulate in Venezuela and attributed the decision to the application of savings measures.

“The Ministry of Foreign Relations and Worship informs that, as part of the cost containment measures, the embassy and consulate general of Costa Rica in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, effective as of Thursday, October 1, 2020 “, indicates an official statement.

The Costa Rican Foreign Ministry explained that Costa Ricans residing in Venezuela They will receive consular assistance by email [email protected]

“In the coming days, additional measures will be reported that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship It will be implemented to guarantee the proper continuity of the service provided to Costa Rican citizens residing in said country, “concluded the Foreign Ministry.

Relations between Costa Rica and Venezuela were at their lowest since January 2019 when Nicolás Maduro assumed a new presidential term after an electoral process that Costa Rica and many countries did not recognize as clean.

Since January 2019, Costa Rica does not recognize Maduro as Venezuelan president in his second term, and considers the opposition Juan Guaidó as the interim ruler of the South American nation.

In addition, Costa Rica recognizes María Faría, who was appointed by Guaidó, as an ambassador in San José.

On May 3, 2019, the former Charge d’Affaires of Costa Rica in Venezuela, Danilo González, who was the highest-ranking representative, returned to Costa Rica after the Government of Nicolás Maduro withdrew his credentials.

Since then, the Costa Rican embassy did not have a high-ranking representative.

The withdrawal of the credentials was the response of the Maduro government after its diplomatic personnel in Costa Rica were forced to leave the country after a period of 60 days that was granted to them to finish their affairs.

Costa Rica has been part of the Lima Group, made up of Latin American countries, and of the Contact Group, made up of the European Union and a group of Latin American nations.

In both forums, Costa Rica has advocated for a peaceful solution to the crisis in Venezuela through free and transparent elections that guarantee the return of the rule of law and democracy.

Costa Rica also rejects any military intervention in the South American country, as the Presidential House and the Foreign Ministry have repeatedly declared.


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